Thursday, March 25, 2010

2010's introduction

After suffering in 2009, 2010 gives me hope to hope more to come over. It's geared up by a good news which i intensely waited for so long. I've got a job. Thanks to a friend of mine for knocking me about the job. Surely it's not what I'm supposed to be in, but it's much better to what i should be in. With better pay, it's motivated me to put my 100% to accomplished that job. The contract would be end this Disember, so I know that I should make a backup plan and ready for any possibilities. Then, after a lots of thoughts, few things poped up and autolisted to what-to-do through this year. Part of it that I can't wait anymore to do is learning piano. It's been my dream to play any instrument since i discovered how passionate I am to become a musician. I had arranged a private teacher for it but looking forward when is the right time to start up. I do hope, as said by lots of sources, 2010 would be the lucky year to those born on the Tiger's year. Past is past, and thank you 2009, I learned the hard ways from you. There's nothing much to say now, but there's so much to done! Along with this, spiritually, God please guide me the right paths, makes me meet the right peoples, allow me to do the right actions. Bring it on!!!