Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I shouldn’t talk like an expert on this, but for me, exhaustion is something ur body externally and internally can’t cope anymore. It’s become dysfunctional due to lack of sleep, headache, no time to chill, and ur brain is blurred! Well, I recall on what I am doing right now. Some may say, I give up too early, but frankly, I still wanna be a performer and sing together with the band. It’s just, I’m getting tired and tried day by day plus, like I have no time for me myself anymore.

I miss the previous life, when I’m free to go anywhere, attend events, chilling with friends, watching movies and even visiting places I would like to go. Now, it’s so hard to be that way anymore. I’m trapped!

Let me reveal my plan, soon I’ll be quitting this thing. I don’t have to force myself to do something that inhibit me from else I wanted to do. Pleasure ain’t be something from out, but from it comes from you, yourself.

So, hey SUPER-TIRED + INHIBITOR, I’ll officially eliminate you! Adiosssa!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

One Fine Day

Hey, I’m back! LOL, it’s been too long not dropping stuffs in here. Haha. No offence dear followers! Well, first above all, thanx to those been spending time to have a look n read this blog. Sincerely, I really appreciate all your comments, suggestions, critics, supports and compliments too. I like to remind myself, 2 years from now, I guarantee you that this blog will be big and hot ever! Wakakaka.

Ok, let me update what’s been going on through the lost of me this few months! Hihi. Life’s getting hectic now! I’m devoted myself to big commitments which I shouldn’t have to think too much cause it’s only lead to headache n heartache. First, my job! Opps, make it, my jobs coz I do two jobs now. Official one and the more to said, passion one.

Last July, I went to Keningau for nightlife purpose for the first time. Me, my colleague and her bros went to KRK at first. I can tell, it’s a nice yet class place. I like the atmosphere, the interior design but look too bored when the dancefloor wasn’t so inviting. Peoples don’t move too much. Huhu. It’s frustrated anyway and that lead us to move to somewhere else.

We’re headed to the only bistro that served a live band in Keningau. We went to Hitz Borneo somewhere around the town. On our arrival, the band was on their break. We took the table n sit right in front of the stage and purchased 1 jug of drink. Ahax. By the time our drink arrived, the band took the stage for the final round. I’m not expected them to be as good as the Filipinos band I ever seen, but they’re not bad anyway. The song choices were current. Except the tempo of the players a bit lost.

My friend told me to go on stage as a guest singer. I really don’t have mood for that due to the exhaustion. Well, they succeed on convincing me! I decided to sing Sweet Child O’ Mine by Gun & Roses. So I went and took on the stage. Wakaka. Not bad, I did some memorable show which I myself didn’t realize. And then, someone requested me to sing another song. I don’t know y, but I just go on and did Stand By Me, Ben E. King.

As I walked down the stage, someone came to me and offer me a thing I’ve been wanted since I discovered that I like being on stage. OMG, thanks God for giving me that opportunity. I now declared myself a Band Singer, officially! Haha. I’m expecting experiences and more opportunities by doing this.

That’s it for now. I’ll write again next time. ^_^