Tuesday, June 29, 2010

im back

Pheww!!! I’m try to sounded not guilty. Ok ok! It’s been a while, I knew it. Back to the roots, it’s called the ‘M’ disease. MALAS. Hahahaha. Too many stories to tell. Hurm. Should I start with the harvest festival? It’s a wound! I went to KDCA watching the beauty pageant for the first time with an intention that I’ll be there the whole day and witness our beauty queen being crown as the first from Tambunan winning the state title. But it wasn’t! So frustrating not because my favourite girl wasn’t win, but the hidden hand underneath the real judges! That was so unacceptable!

Secondly, I just completing part of my must-have list by bought a Nokia E72 mobile plus a Perodua Myvi car. I couldn’t say the best word to describe this, but I’m grateful. Finally, good things come in that way. Even though there were few sadistic incidents involving my car just the next day I redeemed my car, but there’s always a first time. I knew those beginners did the same incident too. Well, maybe it’s a luck from my car flat number SAB 1819 C. In fact, I’m totally sad to be honest! Huhuhuhu.

After a several considerations, I finally made up my mind to find a new job, suit to mine, that can express the really me instead of being at place I feel nowhere, outdated and doesn’t make anything to my competency skill. So sorry guys those in that place now. I’m not insulting but it’s just me. I had a big really big dream than what I’ve got now.

Well, I’m glad I come back to blog again! Let’s see what would be next! xoxo

my myvi + nokia e72