Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pricey Tuesday

It's a pricey Tuesday I've just made today. Below are the details :

1. a colleague of mine who I used to follow everyday to school went to KK when nobody alerted me that. so, I waited any bus to pass by but disappointed. the lucky part only when my uncle fortunately went to town and along I took a ride. at town, I made my way to the workplace by a
bus and, KACHING!!! my RM 5 flew away.

2. I forced the sleepy me to dropping at town in purpose to settle everything which heaving my head. i got to paid the electric bill which cost RM181.40 + fee for my re-run driving lesson cost RM440, then again, KACHING!!!

3. The hunger myself can't bear to hit the palate plateau when suddenly I recalled the delicious black pepper chicken at one restaurant nearby. With I'm full, I rushed myself as the rain suddenly gave sign to be harsh in a while, went to counter and KACHING!!! RM 7.80 gone from my hand.

4. This is the part i hate the most. What the hell is going on with bus rotation here. I think they really cut people neck when passenger have to wait almost 2 hours before it's depart? Gosh! I really need to own a car soon. No matter what, soon!!! And for that 'torture', I still need to pay the fee worth RM 2 and it's a KACHING!!! again.

I reached home at about 5.30 o'clock and with the tiringness in and out of me, I definitely gotta take my precious nap and zzzzz, gone.....

The message : I'm not really counting in to the money I've just invested but I just hope someday the investment worth me something not a 'torture'.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Missed To Hear The Bell

Well, it supposed to be yesterday, but I’m not there, together on a very meaningful yet wonderful unity of two hearts! While I was on my nerves struggling to calm myself down the road on my driving test, many hearts were on their nerves waiting for the wisdom word, “I do” from the bottom of the bride’s and the groom’s heart.

I recalled the moment of my very close cousin’s wedding immediately. She appeared from the front door, stepping down the center line, accompanying by my uncle, heading to the altar of the church. Without knowing the guts, my tears suddenly dropping down for that I cannot bear how happy I am for my cousin. Then, second time my tears down was when his husband kiss her and I admit that I really felt the sincerity on that!

In this case, my regrets for not there celebrating the golden part of both kind peoples although I just knew them recently. Well, it’s doesn’t matter honestly. All I can ask now is their happiness through this new phase of life which from what I acknowledge, it would be a very very tough one! I did excited for at least I would be confirmed to attend their reception at KDCA tomorrow. I did promise that I definitely buy a new cloth for that occasion. In fact, I make it double. I even bought a very fast-future gift for them.... *evil smile*


The fast-future gift!

The Bride & The Groom

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

few things missing lately...

Can’t believe I skipped few days posting something. Actually, to make excuses, there’s several obstacles lead to this. The obvious one, Digi had been decreased my broadband speed to 128kbps due to exceeding the download limits which is 3GB. So limited, apalah tu?! Apparently, the bill also came already. So, I plan to pay it this Saturday.

Back to the topic, recently, I feel like few things missing in me. This totally made me mad at myself for not noticing them. I’m spiritually not enthusiastic as I did before. Every task I done is for the sake of to finish them asap. No more inner excitement, not to mention, hardworking. I really wonder on this as I should be more grown-up guy at this very moment and no more kindergarten attitude here.

Am I been put on spell by anybody? It’s just that, I no more fun as before, lot of things made my mind messy. Even I think I just lost my ability to sing well. The prove is, I can’t hit the note of easy songs, I didn’t even control my tempo, my breathing. Argghhhh!

I just lost my temper yesterday when I found out that my cousin took my laptop cooler and my cds without asking for my permission. What makes kids nowadays so uncivilised? They even drink alcohol in the room, not to mention, smoking too without considering other’s feelings? So inappropriate if taking somebody else things and treat it just like it their properties! WTH, pay for it la!

To ease myself, I rather quarantine myself in my room, alone and hiding, listening to music. Well, mentioning on music, I’m glad I bought Alvin’s EP that is so worthy! You gotta listen to this. Very easy-listening, superb voice, pretty packaging some more! Hehe. I love u Alvin!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


The counting finally reach it’s climax! It’s(KENTE 2) happened yesterday, gracefully and successfully at KDCA. I can’t thanks all those who presented just to support their fav! The crowded were kinda crazy and to be frank, that it’s suppose to be! Yelling and calling to their fav star whenever we came out and did rendition of our songs. That’s was awesome, supporters!

To made it this far, I personally think that it’s already a huge achievement! Lining up with such great and superb finalists, I felt like that everybody is a winner! Being the first contestant, undeniable, the nervous is more bitter. But, as what I had deal to myself, no compromise, just step with everything I’ve got, promising a very believable performances. Surprisingly, I did it and really satisfied of what I have done.

During my singing, I spotted few important persons, waving and enjoying me on stage. It’s so impressive that at least, they were there as a pembakar semangat so that I can perform well.

In fact, even though I didn’t manage to get any prizes, the big thing I’ve got were experience and lessons. This should be a big motivation for me to the next time competition. Personally, I did agree to the winners chosen by the judges. I guaranteed that they found the hard times to determine who should be in top 3. One thing, I’ve got a chance to meet those very famous peoples in Sabah music industry, one of them is not other than Mr. Alvin Mahathir Yunus, a Sabah Singer-Songwriter. He’s kinda good and friendly!

TIPS : 1. Well-prepared, 2. Confident, 3. Pick the right songs, 4. Follow your rituals(e.g. don’t drink cold water, no spicy foods, no sticky and oily foods, etc) 5. Sing from your heart, 6. Dress well just like a superstar.


Monday, April 12, 2010

A Good Feeling

Previously, I would tag this 1st day of a weekdays as MONDAYITIS which are dull, zero-enthusiastic, moody, lame, like it's a disease! It's hard to decline the feeling when we have to back to works after a very supreme weekends.

But, this time I totally feels good being at workplace on Monday! Well not to mention that I'm happy because I go to work, it's just the day itself. It's fulfilled me with something I've lost few days ago. Happiness + Excitement maybe.

Well, now that it's here filling me up, I better enjoy every part of it. Coz I acknowledged that when it's gone, I'll never stop thinking of evil things. Cheers...

One more thing! I just discovered something awesome and useful! For those with Canon printers, this is how to play tricks on your printer's ink!


1. Korang mesti la tutup dulu printer korang bukan setakat power button, tapi dengan power supply sekali…

2. Masa korang mau pasang power supply, korang tekan dulu power button pada printer dan terus pasang power supply….

3. Mase korang tekan power button, korang tekan reset button dua kali (bulatan merah dengan segitiga)….

4. Kemudian lepaskan power button…Printer korang akan mengambil masa lebih kurang 10 saat untuk tunjuk no. 0…

5. Tekan + button untuk ubah nilai 0 jadi 1…

6. Apabila nilai bertukar menjadi 1, tekan colour button dan 2 lampu hijau akan menyala…(satu untuk plain paper dan satu lagi untuk photo paper)

7. Tekan power button dua kali dan printer akan print sesuatu…(kalau printer tak print secara auto, tekan colour button sekali dan printer akan print)…Printer akan print sesuatu macam test page…

8. Bila sheet value kembali pada 0, buka printer cover (bukan scan cover yer) dan keluarkan catridge daripada tempatnya…Masa printer ni tengah terbuka tutup power supply…Note: time ni kalo kamu mau topup catridge bulih juga, kalo nda mau pn it’s ok.

9. Masukkan catridge balik dan ON printer macam biase la…Konpem printer kamu dah boleh pakai macam biasa balik…