Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pricey Tuesday

It's a pricey Tuesday I've just made today. Below are the details :

1. a colleague of mine who I used to follow everyday to school went to KK when nobody alerted me that. so, I waited any bus to pass by but disappointed. the lucky part only when my uncle fortunately went to town and along I took a ride. at town, I made my way to the workplace by a
bus and, KACHING!!! my RM 5 flew away.

2. I forced the sleepy me to dropping at town in purpose to settle everything which heaving my head. i got to paid the electric bill which cost RM181.40 + fee for my re-run driving lesson cost RM440, then again, KACHING!!!

3. The hunger myself can't bear to hit the palate plateau when suddenly I recalled the delicious black pepper chicken at one restaurant nearby. With I'm full, I rushed myself as the rain suddenly gave sign to be harsh in a while, went to counter and KACHING!!! RM 7.80 gone from my hand.

4. This is the part i hate the most. What the hell is going on with bus rotation here. I think they really cut people neck when passenger have to wait almost 2 hours before it's depart? Gosh! I really need to own a car soon. No matter what, soon!!! And for that 'torture', I still need to pay the fee worth RM 2 and it's a KACHING!!! again.

I reached home at about 5.30 o'clock and with the tiringness in and out of me, I definitely gotta take my precious nap and zzzzz, gone.....

The message : I'm not really counting in to the money I've just invested but I just hope someday the investment worth me something not a 'torture'.

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