Wednesday, April 21, 2010

few things missing lately...

Can’t believe I skipped few days posting something. Actually, to make excuses, there’s several obstacles lead to this. The obvious one, Digi had been decreased my broadband speed to 128kbps due to exceeding the download limits which is 3GB. So limited, apalah tu?! Apparently, the bill also came already. So, I plan to pay it this Saturday.

Back to the topic, recently, I feel like few things missing in me. This totally made me mad at myself for not noticing them. I’m spiritually not enthusiastic as I did before. Every task I done is for the sake of to finish them asap. No more inner excitement, not to mention, hardworking. I really wonder on this as I should be more grown-up guy at this very moment and no more kindergarten attitude here.

Am I been put on spell by anybody? It’s just that, I no more fun as before, lot of things made my mind messy. Even I think I just lost my ability to sing well. The prove is, I can’t hit the note of easy songs, I didn’t even control my tempo, my breathing. Argghhhh!

I just lost my temper yesterday when I found out that my cousin took my laptop cooler and my cds without asking for my permission. What makes kids nowadays so uncivilised? They even drink alcohol in the room, not to mention, smoking too without considering other’s feelings? So inappropriate if taking somebody else things and treat it just like it their properties! WTH, pay for it la!

To ease myself, I rather quarantine myself in my room, alone and hiding, listening to music. Well, mentioning on music, I’m glad I bought Alvin’s EP that is so worthy! You gotta listen to this. Very easy-listening, superb voice, pretty packaging some more! Hehe. I love u Alvin!

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