Saturday, April 10, 2010

::Luck Desperado::

And, that’s it! Exhaustion, hunger, headache, altogether really killed me today! Back to what I gone through previously as a student. SPA exam, 9-5, please, let this be my last time sitting the papers. Never thought that it would be very hard. I admit not all papers does challenge my brain, Maths section really brought back my confidence, but still, there were a lots of paper. Need to answer them back to back! Huh!

Well, forgot all those complaints just now. For once in my life, God please let me be the one among the luckiest! Seriously, I don’t wanna sit the exam again. I know, no pain no gain. But I did my best just now. I even hold my lunch just to be there on time. Tahan lapar bah kami tadi time lunch. Kantin tutup! Cittt!

More or less, thanks God there’s no obstacles through the answering time just now. I managed to put some excellent ideas onto my BM and BI essays even though the grammar I think totally disaster. My goal is, the examiner will understand and agree to what I’ve been expressed in that essays.

As a wrap up, we’re having makan besar at a stall somewhere along the jalan Keningau. Surprisingly, I made my plate clear! Hahaha. Katara lapar tahap gaban ni...Tapi mmg kanyang la! Syukur...

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