Friday, April 23, 2010

I Missed To Hear The Bell

Well, it supposed to be yesterday, but I’m not there, together on a very meaningful yet wonderful unity of two hearts! While I was on my nerves struggling to calm myself down the road on my driving test, many hearts were on their nerves waiting for the wisdom word, “I do” from the bottom of the bride’s and the groom’s heart.

I recalled the moment of my very close cousin’s wedding immediately. She appeared from the front door, stepping down the center line, accompanying by my uncle, heading to the altar of the church. Without knowing the guts, my tears suddenly dropping down for that I cannot bear how happy I am for my cousin. Then, second time my tears down was when his husband kiss her and I admit that I really felt the sincerity on that!

In this case, my regrets for not there celebrating the golden part of both kind peoples although I just knew them recently. Well, it’s doesn’t matter honestly. All I can ask now is their happiness through this new phase of life which from what I acknowledge, it would be a very very tough one! I did excited for at least I would be confirmed to attend their reception at KDCA tomorrow. I did promise that I definitely buy a new cloth for that occasion. In fact, I make it double. I even bought a very fast-future gift for them.... *evil smile*


The fast-future gift!

The Bride & The Groom

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