Monday, April 5, 2010

heartbeat of nervousness

Although I've been done some of this before but I cannot compare a performance to a competition. The nerves of competition is ten times haunting then doing performances. I still remember the first time I climb up on stage was when I'm still a kindergarten kid. I'm the one singing out of theme song, which to be specific, a shampoo tv ad commercial jingle song. Everytime I recall on that, I can't stop laughing to myself.

The heat of the competition is already turned on! I hope I have the sixth sense of hearing peoples talk no matter how far they are.The purpose obviously to spy on how is the other finalists preparation, yet how well it is. To be frank, big problem here is for me to pick the right songs and I should improve myself on that. However, I do a simplicity, when I render a song and it sounds well, I willing to hit well almost all the notes, I remember and understand the lyrics, think I gonna do the song on my own version, I think that I'm capable to make it entertaining(while imagine audiences pay a standing ovation), then I declare it is a right one.

My struggle now, how to sustain my confident that I'm gonna kill the song during the real battle. Anything can be happen on that moment, so that all I can do is dealing well with my health, keep practice and sounds odd, praying.

All by myself now, once you are a performer, you're always a performer. I can be one, one day.

I will be competing in Kadus Entertainment Next Top Entertainer(KENTE) Season 2. A singing competition held on April 16, 2010 at KDCA, Penampang, Sabah.

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