Thursday, April 8, 2010

bad-minded me~

All of my thoughts now are negative. My heart just feel unease through the day. Plus, stuffs that really pissed me off(I checked my bank card this noon, the salary isn't been bank in yet), made my day like a trash!

The stress getting fierce when I think forward on my competition next week. I definitely sensed that I wont able to wow the audiences yet wont sing good! God, I definitely ask for your miracle on this. Please let me to beautifully render my songs and please give me sign that I absolutely picked the right songs! I bow U...

For someone I care, show me more love, so that I will continually trusting you. I hope you're not put black magic on me coz I'm so addicted on you right now! Can't stop thinking of you...

One good thing today, a friend of mine emailed me at least something to look on, as in two days more, I will be having my exam as a requirement to get a job with SPA. I really have no idea what to prepare! Erkkk...

However, I'm still wont disappoint you(who's reading this), that this must be a new vocab to learn. TIT-FOR-TAT!!!

1. tit for tat


  1. (Idiom) equivalent retribution, an eye for an eye, returning exactly what you get.

If you hit me, I'll hit you back;



  1. Having the characteristic of returning bad for bad.

Unfortunately, many adults retain a tit-for-tat attitude, but in a more refined way than the simple, childish shove for shove.

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