Sunday, April 18, 2010


The counting finally reach it’s climax! It’s(KENTE 2) happened yesterday, gracefully and successfully at KDCA. I can’t thanks all those who presented just to support their fav! The crowded were kinda crazy and to be frank, that it’s suppose to be! Yelling and calling to their fav star whenever we came out and did rendition of our songs. That’s was awesome, supporters!

To made it this far, I personally think that it’s already a huge achievement! Lining up with such great and superb finalists, I felt like that everybody is a winner! Being the first contestant, undeniable, the nervous is more bitter. But, as what I had deal to myself, no compromise, just step with everything I’ve got, promising a very believable performances. Surprisingly, I did it and really satisfied of what I have done.

During my singing, I spotted few important persons, waving and enjoying me on stage. It’s so impressive that at least, they were there as a pembakar semangat so that I can perform well.

In fact, even though I didn’t manage to get any prizes, the big thing I’ve got were experience and lessons. This should be a big motivation for me to the next time competition. Personally, I did agree to the winners chosen by the judges. I guaranteed that they found the hard times to determine who should be in top 3. One thing, I’ve got a chance to meet those very famous peoples in Sabah music industry, one of them is not other than Mr. Alvin Mahathir Yunus, a Sabah Singer-Songwriter. He’s kinda good and friendly!

TIPS : 1. Well-prepared, 2. Confident, 3. Pick the right songs, 4. Follow your rituals(e.g. don’t drink cold water, no spicy foods, no sticky and oily foods, etc) 5. Sing from your heart, 6. Dress well just like a superstar.


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