Friday, December 31, 2010

Best I Ever Had

Initially, I damn lazy to write this entry. But reminiscing throughout the year 2010 makes me want to scar something here to welcome the year of 2011. I'm not sure to say this but 2010 made a really huge impact to my life. Unable to list down the items happened, I rather stamp 2010 a best year I ever had.

Starting with, a jobless got employed! It's like a threshold to a new phase of life to mine cause this is the first steady job came to me. Yes, it's skidded from what I took during at uni, but still, I need a job to pay my expanses. Unfortunately, today I officially became a jobless again. Reason : contract ended. *sigh*

I made myself joining a big singing competition in Sabah which known as KENTE stands for KadazanDusun Entertainment Next Top Entertainer and be one of the finalist 10. No regret, I knew alot of peoples, meet so many friends, experiencing the real scenario of singing competition(there's always hidden hand and or injustice in judgmental) and most of all, the ultimate fun I had harvest.

Toplist thing-to-dos including settling my driving license, to own a car, buy my dream cellphone, and buying a laptop had been accomplished! My life couldn't be better until I owned all this esp the car. Now only I can feel so free and I'm like a bird flying in scatter places. Regardless the fuel, the scratches, I even installed a car-security-protector in case people try to stole it. Arggghh! One plus burden since I have to pay monthly for that silly thing....erk.

Whatelse, oh ya did I ever mentioned about my crashed love story? Hurm... I better mute about it but factually, till this time, nobody can really have idea how my heart terribly wounded when I lost that person. To be honest, I just want to play around, be flirtatious, and getting know this person just for fun, but at the end karma punished me with a hard to say, dump! If only you read this, hope you will get anything you want form the person you are with now. :)

Despite all those emo thingy, I felt blessed to get close again to my family since there's some few issues which I don't feel suitable to reveal here. Previously, I never had time or I rather think so, to come dropping by to my mum's house. But now, my day wouldn't be complete if I'm not going there for at least having my lunch. Can't deny the cliche, mum's cook is the best!

I also start blogging after long time of wanting to do it. I even became a bookworm to strengthen my English since there so much space I need to improve and I still lack of anything. 

See, how's tiger year(which was mine) did and gave big things/improvement into my life. It's not the entire what's happened obviously, but at least I stored them in my head just in case they're useful for the upcoming task. yay!

2011 seems promising although I just in fact lost my job officially by today, but I true believe there's always be a greener side of the field. So I made some resolutions for the year 2011 but allow me to keep it to myself. Whatever things going on, hope that He'll be kind enough to give and cherish me with more success ahead. 2011, BRING IT ONN!!!! yeahhh!

Have a blissful and tantalizing sizzling 2011 peeps!

Lots of Lurve xoxo

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shifting Out

Out of the blue, I suddenly feeling sad. Just so you know, upon got the job of Net Facilitator early this year, on the fifth month of working, I decided to move out from my cousin's resident to rent a room somewhere at the town. This isn't easy cause I need to explain to them the strong reasons why I am out. Plus, I don't wanna hurt anybody's feeling. Thanks Lord, they understood me. Honestly, it's not related to any personal issues, but I just comfortable to live on my own, doing things I want to and be alone.

Actually, the most factor that made me moved out is, this place got the 3G/HSDPA connection for my Celcom broadband, and it's quite acceptable in any streaming. Even though often it pissed me off, but at least it do justice for me rather than wasting cash in a cybercafe. Talking about internet, my job required me to always confront the internet most of the time. So I guess I just cleared my purpose of moving.

It's the end of 2010 now, and I'm still here. Though there may several  things I can't really accept here; the fights among the married couple, the honks at early morning, the voices of peoples who come to shop, the "KARAOKE STARS" at a pub next block, again, the noises of the next room's television, I feel it's kinda normal thing happens in every neighborhood. Whether we capable to get used of it, or lift and move you butt outta that place.

Besides, the landlord is very kind and tolerate. He never complaining if I couldn't pay the rent right on time. He would gave more times. Few incidents occurred such as I accidentally locked my keys inside the room, the first and last person to call would be him. It happened two times, I admit my careless, but surprisingly, he's the one helped me out too hard. He doesn't care. Very responsible one, huh. And then, there's once my bulb blow out one night, the next day I told him and straight away he came and fixed it! See, even though the rent rate quite a burden, but it's worth living here. It's my personal thoughts never know how the other renter's feel.

It turns to I have to move out from this place so soon due to some 'shifting' purpose and right this moment, I emotionally feel sad cause I begin to feel this place as a place suit to me, like a home to me. Well, won't pay any tears for this but deep inside my heart, I gratefully wanna thanks the landlord for being so kind. Do really hope that I'll get more better place in the future.

p/s : not attaching any pic cause the room quite a disaster right now. ;p

Truly Thankful xx

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Isn't Christmas

You know I've been telling those asking me how's my Christmas going, and I rather replied "so-so",just nice, sort of. In fact, it was. I attended some open houses, sipping alcoholic can drinks, shaking hands and greet the folks, without even noticing, am I truly fun doing all these flows?

Coughing and flu for almost several days never done anything to me instead of being an excuse of avoiding any harmful drinks nor foods. Indeed, now it's getting worst throughout few days away of New Year. Talking about new year, I'm so gonna looking forward to this date cause I got a plan and I'll be screwed up if this isn't happens! A very friend of mine Cynta(guess I mentioned her alot) alerted me to this kinda bash New Year Party that will be held at IceBar, 1Borneo Hypermall, KK, Sabah and few well-known lineups will be there joining and entertaining the party peeps.

Here party mates, dig this in, and start gather your close party companions to obtain the VIP passes with 2 bottles of liquor! Guess this ain't be enough, but at least you can get high to get along the whole night shows!
Lazy to explain, this is it ;

You're so not gonna miss this one! Oppss, talking to the peoples available in KK on this date. Yay!

Woopss again! Ain't I supposed to talk about Christmas? Screw me!

Ok, I knew this song, Christmas Isn't Christmas when I joined the caroling long time ago. The first few lines sound, " Christmas, isn't Christmas, till it happen, in your heart...... " made me think again, isn't any big moment like this supposed to be felt by our heart? Everything's would be fine and fun whenever our heart declares so. So, what wrong with the love-shaped organ inside my body?

I felt guilty to anyone I'd met during Christmas if my appearance turned invisible during the occasions. There's really chaotic thingy messed up in my head nor my heart at this very moment. I will figure solutions to it, then capture the spirit again.

Merry Christmas,

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snowless Christmas

Its few days away from Christmas. In fact, just one day left. I may not the super busiest as the others do, but I'm thrill to celebrate it this year. Not really excited since being adult, everything's seems not fun anymore if our head loaded by too many things.

Last two days, while reading Haruki Murakami's book, I heard a very nice carollers outside my rentplace. Never heard such since the last I joined the caroling decade ago. I used to be a caroller long time ago, never miss any of the practices, forced my friends to get in it to accompany me, and I enjoyed every songs I sang. Woaaah. How I miss that moments.

Just so you know, I missed few Christmases back when I'm still in uni. And factually, not only missing the occasions, but most of my precious time of spending time with the family was vanished just like that. To tell the reasons, new sem registration never been late than the date of 25th. Huh!

This may sounds cliche, but I shopped for two shirts and a bottom for this Christmas. I just don't wanna miss again the fun.

I hope that next year, my Christmas would be somewhere snowy, you know, Europe maybe. God willing. For those celebrated, have a blast Xmas. Enjoy every beat of the fun, forget you sorrows.


Lamb of God xx

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Runway Dream

Yesterday, while wandering for some attire to be worn for this upcoming Christmas, I suddenly saw bunch of peoples gathering around like there's a show about to begin! And yes it is! As I came closer to that subject, voila, I struck by a T-shaped runway just right the front of Esprit store. Just the right time I came, the shows then took place. It's a collection of Espirit Summer Look for 2011 if I'm not mistaken. Guess where I stand? Front row for God sake! Hahahaha.

Everybody's have their child/ridiculous ambition that for me, I only can kept it in my fantasy cause it will never happens! Well, to be honest, if I stand a height of 5'7 onwards, I will put no hesitation on career that I choose which is doing the runway! A model to be precise! God, I think I like the job. Yeah, maybe not as easy as we all predict, but it would be great showcasing new attire, which is fashionable, well-made, and branded in front of the audiences. Ok, now I'm starting to fantasize. LMAO!

The show was so simple. Just two rounds, but credit to the dance performances, they nailed the stage with eclectic movements and made the crowds almost going crazy. If only it's in a club, I guess there's no more people standing like a puppet. Hahahaha. So, here's some of the scenes I managed to snap. Enjoy ;

 Esprit Summer Collection

Right after the show done, the emcee which is Ricca from KK division had given out 3 vouchers to shop at Esprit. Upon not-so-excited, I just ignore that slot which last night I found out one of the receiver was the lovely Miss Suicide Candy. Congrats girl! :)

Knowing that this nonsense dream of mine would never ever comes true, I think the guys and girls whose dream similar as me except if you got the height, look, desire and confidente, why don't you try this out! Would be a pleasure to see you there! Hoho.

GOOD LUCK beautiful peoples!

Full-Time Fantasizer xx

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Fact Is

Back in mood, hey buddy this is another entry on health again. Health? Ok I just labeled it by myself. Nevermind but does anyone of you out there ever attacked by headache when you're hungry? I've pointed this question to few of my friends and ended up with various kind of answers. Well, I have this kind of 'disease' since long time ago, cannot recall when was I first detected it. It goes like this, whenever I starving for food, due to some procrastination, when suddenly I will be attack by a big pain on my head.

By that time, all I can think is the paracetamol, the pill that I'm not so sure could heal the pain. Cause sometimes it works. Hurm. So been driven with curiosity on actually the real root for this 'disease', I referred it to my 'guru' which is the eHow.LMAO. So ladies and gentlemen, here's some explanations.

Why Do I Get a Headache When I'm Hungry?
Photo courtesy of:


  1. Low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, is caused by not eating enough or eating the wrong foods and can cause headaches. This is why people get headaches when they are hungry. The pain comes from the low blood sugar stimulating the nerve pathways, but the specific mechanics aren't clear. Low blood sugar also can make migraines that already exist more painful.

    The body's blood sugar depends on glucose levels. Glucose comes from eating carbohydrates such as potatoes, fruit and bread. When it enters the bloodstream, glucose provides energy to the cells. The glucose that isn't needed right away is converted to a form called glycogen and is stored in the liver and muscle cells. If a person isn't eating, the blood sugar begins to drop and the body converts the glycogen back to glucose. The glucose released raises the blood sugar back to a normal level.
  2. What to Eat

  3. The best way to control blood sugar is to eat regular meals. The types of food eaten are also key. When a person eats sugary food on an empty stomach, the blood sugar goes up. But it also raises the insulin levels in the body. The insulin helps the glucose enter the cells, which causes the blood sugar to drop, often to a level that's too low.

    Eating a combination of complex carbohydrates (like whole grains, beans and peas) and protein is the best way to keep the blood sugar steady and avoid headaches. Complex carbohydrates break down into glucose faster than simple carbohydrates. Eating foods high in fiber also helps stabilize blood sugar, as does including healthy fats (from nuts or olive oil, for example) in the diet. These fats are digested more slowly than carbohydrates and protein. In addition to helping keep the blood sugar even, they may make headaches less painful.

    Eating foods rich in magnesium (spinach, beans, nuts, and seeds) and riboflavin (leafy greens, dairy products, lean meat, enriched breads and cereals) may stop headaches or make them milder.
  4. Tips

  5. Eating more often also can help stabilize blood sugar. Some nutritionists recommend eating six small meals a day instead of three large ones. Keeping snacks handy for when a person has gone too long without food also helps. Skipping breakfast often leads to low blood sugar. The body needs fuel after eight hours of rest. The body also needs fuel after exercise, because the blood sugar drops while exercising. It helps to eat a high-carbohydrate snack before vigorous exercise.

    Caffeine doesn't usually have a big effect on blood sugar, especially if it's just a couple cups of coffee a day. But taking in large amounts of caffeine, especially over a short period, can interfere with keeping blood sugar stable.  

Basically it revolves in the internal mechanism of body and the main cause is due to low blood sugar? OK. I hated Biology but I hope I can find something specific to explain to.

Well, that's it. Bored isn't it? Argghh...but this is just to share to them who undergo the same symptom to me too. Gonna flipping Haruki Murakami's Kafka On The Shore now. Sayounara for now. Yay!

Just-Concern xx

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dolce Far Niente

Hello. Come stai? Been few days of no entry, today I felt like to blog with an ocean of gratefulness. It's for God, thanks I still breathing.

I just passed over watching Eat Pray Love few minutes ago. Called me outdated, but I hold hard to my promise that I'm going to do things that I'm dying to want to do. I've been dying to watch this movie upon it was released not so long time ago. Sadly, it turned that I've missed it.

Being fascinating by the story within the 3 places featured, friends that really a 'friend', helping just when we needs them, and every word on the scripts, it's just remarkable. These three strong points should I credited to this Ryan Murphy's piece for made my time watching em' is so worthy!

Well, part of myself now really uber excited to learn Italian language now. What so scary me, I'm not that passionate one when it comes to new language. LMAO. But, just trying, it could be useful someday. Sounds like a plan! Yay.

I bought the dvd from a store that I've been visiting everytime I want to get the RM10 for 3. Consider me a pirate but the quality of the visual, the subtitle, you're not gonna regret it. I wish I'm a rich guy so I can buy the original one but hey, good things not only come from the expensive one. :)

I'm gonna run two other dvds so soon, and till then, end of entry.

Dolce Far Niente xx

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fun VS Faith?

Ok, this may sounds bit offending but hey, I must blog this before departing to the place that I've been always wanted to go since I knew the place was existed! Hurm, this weekend seems so inviting yet challenging at the same time cause its made me in a crossroad despite, I already decided to go for one few months back.

On FAITH, I know I'm a sinner, and I won't let all that sins and bads haunt me all the time. For real, when I'm still a kid, I'm a church kid whereas I won't miss any church events during that old days. But time goes by, I've been apart to residential school and the faith became lil bit neglected. At that time, studies must come first!

So it happens that I saw the event created on facebook about a seminar aka retreat to be held at Holy Trinity Carmel and gosh, it's so opened my heart to be wanting and joining the occasion. With no hesitation, I jotted the date on my calender and today, the day comes to it.

On the other side, which is FUN, two days ago, my sister text me asking for assistance for her appearance and explained that she's competing in a pageant contest. It's so last minute that she had to get the fully available make up artist only, and no time to waste for grabbing any superb dress somewhere in KK. So, dress was chosen from the local boutique saloon only.

I did assisted her, which I drove her to Keningau to get a heels since she don't have a good one, we went to search any alternative dress since the dress she's got was a bit, mum's taste, and even be with her the whole rehearsal at the same day. What a tiring but honestly, I'm happy to lend such help esp for my own sister.

Today, these two things happen altogether and I can't attend both cause the locations are a problem, too far, and also both events require me to engage form 6pm till 12am. What a very tough choices. Well, it's final, I gotta choose and I'm gonna tell the verdict.

THE VERDICT : Georgie Joseph will attending the Retreat of Healing the Faith at Holy Trinity Carmel, starting this 5pm till Sunday(unknown exact finish time). God, I'm carrying bunch of prays for you to listen and I know I made the right decision.

So, dear my lovely sister, MISS MERYL FOSTER, I will pray that you gonna have a great time during Miss Rainforest tonight, you'll be love by the judge, and anything happens, take it as a lesson. No lost, no gain. But I do hope you win!

 Lord, I come to you.


my beautiful beloved sis. 
theme : Rainforest Queen(sempatt ;p)

I'll depart to my destination shortly and I hope that my prays will be answered yet I found what I really want.

Faithfully xx

Thursday, December 9, 2010

One Amazing Piece

I found this out while browsing and reading others blog. I'm touched with the storyline itself yet adore the process of producing this very short but meaningful story. Just realistic, and merely a touching love story. I wish there's a lovely ending in this, but let it be pictured to myself. A beautiful girl are meant for a manly gentleman? Oohh I'm so in love mood now. Here the piece :

Notte Sento (English subtitles) from Daniele Napolitano on Vimeo.

What's your love story? Hope you enjoy this. Visit the creative guy behind the scene MR. DANIELE NAPOLITANO. You're pieces are amazing!

Creative lover xx

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Biggest Ignorance

When talking about health and beauty, well, these are the biggest remorse that would be a reason for me to curse myself. Due to ignorance, I never even notice this when I was on my process of growing up till I'm here now. Yeah, people says, "it's never too late to start" but in this case, as we're getting older, bunch of things come across to our life until its jammed our mind when we cannot figure which is first to handle.

I noticed several of my friends, either guys or girls, they're starting to rub lotion on their hand, some holding and playing dumbell during the hostelhood, the guys even do sit ups and push ups at night, I saw their 'extra' toiletries which now only I've figured out, my cousins put the egg yolks on their face at morning, while I don't even give a damn of what is going on. And now, it all make sense, lucky them to realize it earlier that the dumbass such I am.

Upon realizing this good-for-future-guarantee stuffs, I initiated my fully care mostly on what should best for my physical and internal. If you read my older posts, there's an entry on the beauty@grooming I had wrote. So skip on that, now, a question for the guy esp, who among you don't bother to own a six pack/ideal/flat tummy, please raise your head and hand?! NOBODY! So do I. I dream to obtain that dream figure of most of the Hollywood's actors, healthy and fine skin they're have, but skip that, they're freaking rich, and me, I'm just poor!

Then came this resolution to me few years back, flat tummy, bit shapy body(not intentionally wanting six pack), just nice and yummy one. *giggle* But, it's seems for real, nothing is easy in the earth. All needing efforts, passions, disciplines, motivations, enthusiasm blah blah blah. Think I gone too far, here some easy and practical for your watch(and try to practice, probably) :

If you're got extra income, why don't you subscribe any health magazine, as per mine, the Men's Health. Or at least you catch and grab any monthly issue at the book store/stall. It's quite affordable and going about RM10. Believe it or not, there's bunch of infos you may gain inside the edition. Here is the sample cover of the December issue ;

I made this image gigantic to highlight the 'packs' as a motivation.LMAO

Feel free to drop and would be a pleasure to add Men's Health Malaysia on facebook.
Or you can take a trip to their online page.

Basically, I have to do this so that I'll always stick to accomplish my goal. Let's get healthy buddies. Probably, getting hot too?! No, I'm not.



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where Are You?

Too lame to write, I merely feel lonely to the top-notch noticing that I'm carrying the title 'single' and no point to stare to my cellphone for someone's text to inbox in. I have one before, but it crashed after it's only stand for 4 months. Sadistic but no pain, no gain. Always stick to the principle of 'no matter how hard you like the person, if that's not the ONE, don't ever beg to stay'. Now, enjoy this one :

Don't highlight the singer, I'm not really into JB, but let the song speaks itself.

So, don't make me wait baby, I'll promise I'll love you more than ever. :)


Monday, December 6, 2010

Gadgets!!! Curse My Appetite!

While writing this entry, I'm still making comparison on what I saw and heard yesterday, and what I just witnessed few hours ago. Similarity is, both are choir! But, I'm not sure if I mistaken the real choir concept all this while or not, cause of my knowledge, choir is a group of peoples doing rendition of songs, with the division of voices. Whereupon, today, on the event of World Class Choir performances at UMS Chancellor Hall, I was watching a non-categorical show which the choir doing some sorts of chanting, jumping, hissing, alike theater, and it's merely confusing me of choir concept. On the other side, yesterday, I was captivated by the extraordinary caroling I ever heard while wandering in 1 Borneo. Their voices similar to angelic voices of the carolers I often heard only on movies, tv or outside aka West programs. It's calm, clean yet sounds angelic like you never want to leave and hear more and more from them. Of the two of this 'rivals', the carolers won my heart and I decided to put some shots of them here ;

Enough of the choir things!

I'm thrilled to have things I always wanted and only when the right time(with enough bucks), I could buy them. That's not the point cause it's sound too show-off but the long await I managed to complete was very challenging when I have to be patient, calculate wisely on my financial, to make sure that I won't regret the bills I pay, I'm sure alot of peoples out there surely can't stand such await. I always remind myself that I'm no a minister's son, not even a money maker that can easily buy the things they dying to own. Basically, appetite makes someone may spend money uncontrolled without minding their essential needs. Well, it's just the piece of advice.

Pluck and strums. That's the new resolution I need to accomplish now. So, I bought a not-so-cheap acoustic guitar for that reason. Meet my Skylark!!! : still on top of my favourite

As an additional, I bought a new shoes too. Dying for so long, I decided to get a Supra so I can wear it during my performance one day! LOL.

dunno, but i just love this silver

I hope that I will put my 150% on my new lesson so that I will not far away from reaching for my dream. Wish me luck, and hope that I can post my first virtual singing very soon.

Bruno Mars Wannabe

Saturday, December 4, 2010


After losing and losing again, now I feel heartless to enter any competition for real. But this one, should I go for the last time and take a chance? Hurm. I really don't have idea.

Guys with singing talent out there, if you happens to live and stay closely to KK, why don't you try this one out. You never know your lucks! More info ;

I wish I am too good to enroll in this competition. :) We'll see about this.

Still not give up,

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Class Without Ticket? AWESOMENESS!

Last weekend was my supertiring one I ever had. Been on duty for 3 days at our booth during the ICT Exhibition was off the ground! I can say, we're factually doing nothing and we're each other killed by boredom. Sometimes we were wandering around just to kill the time to 5pm. But, I'm satisfied, at least before the end of our services to the company, we're contributing some helps.

Well, that's not about it! Due to the tiredness, I almost rejected Daisy's offer to go and watch a jazz performance at Recital Hall of UMS. I think it would be a real miss if I haven't accept the invitation. For sure, earlier,I never imagine that the show would be a bombshell jazz I ever seen. Seriously, in my mind, the performers are the UMS Jazz Band itself. I was wrong! Let me introduce you, the Johnny Rodgers Band!!!

When I was on my sit at second row, I hardly convinced myself that I'm still in Sabah cause that very  moment, I really felt that I'm  watching a first class show in New York. Me and Daisy was whispered at each other that it's like we were listening to a radio. Every renditions was lively sung by the vocalist! He never out of words, and when he's not singing, he entertained us! Well, not to mention, there's nothing wrong with the instrumentalists too. They're too far away from the earth! Perfect and sounds great! OMG, I really uber excited this time.

My very favourite songs of the night definitely the well-known What A Wonderful World and Ain't No Sunshine. They really fancied us with their own arrangements! Every end of the piece, we're never claps not more than 30 seconds! What an honour! One thing, they gave us surprise we won't forget ever! With the short time they had, they managed to blown us by playing the Sabah's famous anthem Sayang Kinabalu in their own way. Regardless the additional musician Roger Wang, Andrew Poninting, and the singer, it's like the song was a hit piece the moment they playing it.

 the awesome peeps on action

Much thanks to Daisy on the precious invitation. Well I gotta promote her here, you guys can visit and follow her blog at this link POLKA DOT. She's got an event for youuu....heeee

Again, after the show, another Saturday wine sips at Fresco aka Luna Rossa with Daisy and relatives. We wrapped up the night by getting some meal at Jesselton Point. Well, the night actually still young, but, nothing can beat the sleepiness in us. And tiredness too...HOMEEEE!!!


Monday, November 29, 2010


Everything happens lately still unease the feeling of stumbling down inside me. The 'news' really put me in a sorrow. I may sound fragile and not motivational, but I have lots of stuffs to concern when I knew I lost my source of income.

Workhood isn't really get us into a guaranteed living. In fact, most of the tenses that we carry actually come from our workplace + the assignments. I believe so cause I had experiences on this. The good times always when we're at home.

Well, too many things happened recently, lots of events I've attended, and lots of hangouts I made. To kept myself busy and not fall into thinking about my tough situation right now, I need to get out and do something to reach off that mess!

Currently, I'm not so in mood of blogging, but just so you know, when the time healed me, I'll update you some of the fun times I had undergo recently.

Sorry for the terrible writing and grammar error. Still too bad in English and still improving.

Till then...

Super-moody xx

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good Resume At First

Now, the title is very straight-forward! I beat many of you out there still working on searching the best job to build your career undeniably. Job is the most hardest tool to get whenever we leave the school. Some jobs may not require high qualification, but to those holding more than a form 5 qualification, you do need to aware that the resume alike a door to a big house! Noticeable, job seekers don't really put a high concern when it goes to writing a resume. Yeah, admittedly, luck is kinda what we all seek of, but hey, pay some efforts folks!

Attacked by boredom led me to this. Take some times to have a look and practice these steps on writing a good resume.

How to Write a Good Resume



  1. Keep resumes to a maximum of 2 pages long. Employers receive a lot of resumes for one position and won't have the time to go through a 3- or 4-page resume.
  2. List an objective at the beginning of your resume and target it to the job/company that you are applying to. Objectives give the prospective employer an idea of what you are looking for.
  3. Move things around. Have more than one resume layout. For example, if you are short on work experience that would relate to the position you are applying for but have volunteer experience that matches, put that first. It's best to have relevant information first in order to keep the employer's attention.
  4. Don't put "Reference available upon request" at the end of your resume. All employers know that and it doesn't need to be stated.
  5. Consider whether you need to add your interests. In most cases it is unnecessary information that takes up valuable space.
  6. Use bullet points when describing job duties. This is easier to read than big paragraphs.
  7. Always use specifics/numbers if you can. For example, if you were applying for a sales position you might mention what percentage of sales you had in your previous job or the number of customers you typically handled per day.
  8. Add any continuing education courses you have taken. For example, if you've taken 1 hour courses on how to deal with difficult customers, add that to your resume. This shows the prospective employer that you are interested in furthering your knowledge and aren't afraid to learn new things.
  9. Have an "Additional Information" section at the end of your resume and add any special achievements or honors, especially if they relate to the position for which you are applying.

    source : eHow

I had practiced this before, and I made my resume precisely to 1 page only. I won't lie, but this is works! I'm a job seeker too now, so it's better for me to share this to those needed. GOOD LUCK!

I need a job xx

Monday, November 22, 2010

And The Awards Goes To...

Well, screwed me! I miss to watch the Shout Awards 2010 due to some 'channel' battle on the only one TV at my cousin's house. And the winner goes to.....the football freaks! Haha..Hey, I'm watching soccer too, but not as fan as the others ok. But thanks again to the technology, I managed to encrypt the results of the night. So ladies and gentleman, here are the results..........*drum rolling*   :

  1. Rockstar Award! – Bunkface
  2. Favourite TV Personality Award! – Zizan Raja Lawak
  3. Breakthrough Feature Award! – Lagenda Budak Setan
  4. PopStar Award! – Yuna
  5. Power Vocal Award – Faizal Tahir
  6. Fresh TV Series! – Nur Kasih
  7. Favourite TV Program! – Showdown 2010
  8. Music Video Award! – Bunkface
  9. Flava Award! – Mizz Nina
  10. Hot Guy Award! – Henry Golding
  11. Hot Chick Award! – Scha Al Yahya
  12. Coolest Radio Annoucer Award! – Phat Babes Fly FM
  13. Favourite Radio Show Award! – Hot FM AM Krew
  14. Best On-Screen Chemistry Award! – Papadom (Afdlin Shauki dan Liyana Jasmay)
  15. Mobile Artiste of The Year Award! – Sixth Sense
  16. Break Out Award! – Yunalis Zarai
  17. The Ultimate Shout! Award! – Yunalis Zarai

No argument, no pulling hair k! The results are official and it's your votes counted!

I heard and I had read that the performances were awesome that night(I wish 8tv would repeat it), especially from the hawty Mizz Nina. Anyway, big congratulations to the winners. Dear Yuna, you made it girl! Main award became yours, omaigod! Jgn sombong-sombong pla pasni.

Oh ya, there's a friend of mine asking what Shout Awards really is. So, based on what I acknowledged, this is the first URBAN award show, hosted by 8TV to honour the entertainments people and media in the industry. Hey, get this, the award isn't that typical one like the early founded award ok. Waaa, so freak fan I am. Hiks.

Ok then, more to come...

me again xx

Friday, November 19, 2010

Crossroad Crossroad

Recently, sleep isn't so manageable as always. Couldn't count for how many wakes I had made once I get to sleep. Causes ; too much to think. The major one, the near-end contract of my job! If now is at the past 6 months ago, I can beat that I'm still browsing the net and replying the comments on Facebook without any worry! Let's face the reality, times aren't pausing. Its even rushing!

People says, and on what I've been experienced previously, instinct always right. In this dilemma, my instinct early told that our contract will be extended. Well, how I can so sure cause till this moment, the upper management haven't release the verdict yet. I would be bliss if they can give us the GOOD news in the verge of November and December. (or, just the BAD one) This would such a justice for us, to make us able to find another job so soon. *sigh*

I'm so gotta make a way ahead to go and pray to Him, cause no matter what, prays count. I believe so, in addition of just the efforts itself.

In fact, if it happens that I need to find a new job, I hope it worth to accept the post, and pay a guarantee to my future onwards! AMEN

the man on the verge :(

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Who Overrating Thing/s

Due to boredom last week, entertainment goods such movies, gossips, videos, mp3s were being nice to me, letting my fingers explored every inch of newbie on hot market now. So it happened that I'm supposed to download some videos from Youtube using the Keepvid, but it took forever that I cannot wait. Then, when I'm just about to leave the Keepvid page, I've noticed the unnoticed stuffs before this which are the movie trailers. Surprisingly, when I clicked to that link, voila! Hall of fame of the upcoming movies till the early next year! To my preference, I scrolled down to any movies which will be on cinema on my birthday. Then I thrilled by the film(the poster looks so inviting) entitled Skyline and pushed to watch the trailer. Upon finishing the trailer, I'm like, that's it', that's the one, I should go and dig that movie! Well, releasing the same date with Skyline was the movie "Unstoppable". Poor me, the trailer had been prohibited to watch! Dammit!

On the Friday Nov 12, my bestie and I then went to watch the Skyline. At the very beginning, it's starting well. But when the transition of scene went on and on, the plot getting rubbish, no precise motive, and actions were helpless, I can only mouth the bad words. Obviously, the piece wasn't done well, the questions remain unanswered, the storytelling almost failed! Arghhh why on earth such film was made! In fact, my bestie even fall on nappy at the middle of the movie. LMAO.

As a redemption, after me and my bestie catchup and having dinner with another friend of us, we made an on the spot decision to go and watch "Unstoppable" to ease the 'wound' on the previous watch. There's no word to describe it anyway, it's worth! Homage to the director for giving justice on that based-on-true-event movie!
Trust me, your nerves will feel every emotions shown in the scenes.

And for now, I'm dying to watch the ending piece of the greatest Harry Potter : Harry Potter The Deathly Hollows Part 1. And also this one, The Next Three Days. Can't wait to drop by KK. Will determine which GSC I should go.

So here are the trailers ; CLICK on the images to watch!

Let's lining up now! Grab a tix... Don't forget your popcorn! Happy watching aite!
See ya around~

Movie Lover xx

Monday, November 15, 2010

When The Cash Runs Out

By guessing the title given, you may already got the idea that I am so broke now. Just now, I went to banked in another cash to my landlord for the monthly rent payment. Living alone, I means renting, may be good at some point but could be trouble you in another way. First, I always forgot that I'm renting a room. So, whenever I get my salary, I never thought about the rent payment on top of my must-pay-list every month.

Times passed by, and I'm still zero whenever it comes to saving! You know the feeling when we're holding some cash, the more we got, the more it will be spend. I won't say that I'm a shopaholic but that's the fact. I had few times planning to save at least 500bucks in bank and ended with nothing. I should be back to the old days when no few things to own, and to pay as well.

In that case, I made some approaches to apply as the solution isn't popup that easy if I still figure nothing. So here is the list ;

1. Pretend that we already have nothing left in our account.
2. When you think about goods, take times to analyze whether it's important/ do we really need it? If it is not, then forgot it!
3. Limit your moves or attending any invitations that will cost you. If it does not require you to take out some cash, consider it as the way to socialize more.
4. Distract yourself from any shopping thoughts by reading, surfing the internet, or exercising.
5. Minimize your spends based on what's left in your wallet. Only do withdrawal when it comes to zero or insufficient.

I may miss some of the points but that's the least I can advised based on what I am doing whenever I broke. Remember that saving is essential coz we never know what the future can do to us. For better or worst, the best we can do is ready.

Let's saving peeps!

The Fragiler-Saver,

Settled Sunday

Ok, and my birthday just passed by. Nothing extraordinary has happens. I had a not-so-fun-to-tale weekend. But at least I've got to settle few things I had on my mind the day I left Tambunan for KK.

As per the early entry, I had mentioned that I'll be performing on 13th for an event called Youth Art Festival. The show wasn't as good as what I'm expected. Well, not try to highlighting that I am a great singer, cause I'm not, at all. To make excuses, obviously, I may pick the wrong song, and lack of practice lead me to that so-forgettable-only performance.

Due to money management, I also limiting my hungers to visit few places during my weekend at KK. It's been November, and I'm so gonna have to do some saving and no more wastage on such crappy things. All this while, I totally driven by self-wants instead of self-needs and money flew just like that. Arggghhh!

To cut it short, on my way home this day, I went to settled my car payment, coincidentally Pizza Hut is just aside the bank, so I bought a take-away Hawaian Chicken pizza for my family. Then, I also decided to drop by to some car accessories and part store to find a car rim cap but disappointed. Coincidentally again, the CIMB bank is just near by the shop, so I went to made a transaction to a friend of mine for the shoes I bought from him. I'm dying to see and wear the shoes cause I've been wanting it so long. Yeah!

Oh did I mentioned that I bought a present for myself on my birthday? Hehe. I went to Times Bookstore that day and directly grabbed the Eat.Pray.Love phenomenal sold novel due to some reviews I've read and recommendations given to me. So, tadaaa. I'm gonna start my reading now. Not so now, I guess it should be tomorrow.

Going to further my nap.

Eat.Pray.Love xx

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Boredom! Now it strikes me at top place. Couldn't think out of the box. I wish I can back to my childhood which I used to so creative yet uncontrolled! No numerous things to matter.

In my mind now, I need to settle some business at school before the holidays takeover. Obviously, I won't be around school during the period and all my works need to carry home.

I found and had read this review about Norah Jones new album that already at the music store. Thinking of go get a copy to play while driving! Tadaa!!!

The article for Norah Jones Featuring

Wrapping up! Till then....

The Mind Tankless,