Friday, December 10, 2010

Fun VS Faith?

Ok, this may sounds bit offending but hey, I must blog this before departing to the place that I've been always wanted to go since I knew the place was existed! Hurm, this weekend seems so inviting yet challenging at the same time cause its made me in a crossroad despite, I already decided to go for one few months back.

On FAITH, I know I'm a sinner, and I won't let all that sins and bads haunt me all the time. For real, when I'm still a kid, I'm a church kid whereas I won't miss any church events during that old days. But time goes by, I've been apart to residential school and the faith became lil bit neglected. At that time, studies must come first!

So it happens that I saw the event created on facebook about a seminar aka retreat to be held at Holy Trinity Carmel and gosh, it's so opened my heart to be wanting and joining the occasion. With no hesitation, I jotted the date on my calender and today, the day comes to it.

On the other side, which is FUN, two days ago, my sister text me asking for assistance for her appearance and explained that she's competing in a pageant contest. It's so last minute that she had to get the fully available make up artist only, and no time to waste for grabbing any superb dress somewhere in KK. So, dress was chosen from the local boutique saloon only.

I did assisted her, which I drove her to Keningau to get a heels since she don't have a good one, we went to search any alternative dress since the dress she's got was a bit, mum's taste, and even be with her the whole rehearsal at the same day. What a tiring but honestly, I'm happy to lend such help esp for my own sister.

Today, these two things happen altogether and I can't attend both cause the locations are a problem, too far, and also both events require me to engage form 6pm till 12am. What a very tough choices. Well, it's final, I gotta choose and I'm gonna tell the verdict.

THE VERDICT : Georgie Joseph will attending the Retreat of Healing the Faith at Holy Trinity Carmel, starting this 5pm till Sunday(unknown exact finish time). God, I'm carrying bunch of prays for you to listen and I know I made the right decision.

So, dear my lovely sister, MISS MERYL FOSTER, I will pray that you gonna have a great time during Miss Rainforest tonight, you'll be love by the judge, and anything happens, take it as a lesson. No lost, no gain. But I do hope you win!

 Lord, I come to you.


my beautiful beloved sis. 
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I'll depart to my destination shortly and I hope that my prays will be answered yet I found what I really want.

Faithfully xx

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