Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Biggest Ignorance

When talking about health and beauty, well, these are the biggest remorse that would be a reason for me to curse myself. Due to ignorance, I never even notice this when I was on my process of growing up till I'm here now. Yeah, people says, "it's never too late to start" but in this case, as we're getting older, bunch of things come across to our life until its jammed our mind when we cannot figure which is first to handle.

I noticed several of my friends, either guys or girls, they're starting to rub lotion on their hand, some holding and playing dumbell during the hostelhood, the guys even do sit ups and push ups at night, I saw their 'extra' toiletries which now only I've figured out, my cousins put the egg yolks on their face at morning, while I don't even give a damn of what is going on. And now, it all make sense, lucky them to realize it earlier that the dumbass such I am.

Upon realizing this good-for-future-guarantee stuffs, I initiated my fully care mostly on what should best for my physical and internal. If you read my older posts, there's an entry on the beauty@grooming I had wrote. So skip on that, now, a question for the guy esp, who among you don't bother to own a six pack/ideal/flat tummy, please raise your head and hand?! NOBODY! So do I. I dream to obtain that dream figure of most of the Hollywood's actors, healthy and fine skin they're have, but skip that, they're freaking rich, and me, I'm just poor!

Then came this resolution to me few years back, flat tummy, bit shapy body(not intentionally wanting six pack), just nice and yummy one. *giggle* But, it's seems for real, nothing is easy in the earth. All needing efforts, passions, disciplines, motivations, enthusiasm blah blah blah. Think I gone too far, here some easy and practical for your watch(and try to practice, probably) :

If you're got extra income, why don't you subscribe any health magazine, as per mine, the Men's Health. Or at least you catch and grab any monthly issue at the book store/stall. It's quite affordable and going about RM10. Believe it or not, there's bunch of infos you may gain inside the edition. Here is the sample cover of the December issue ;

I made this image gigantic to highlight the 'packs' as a motivation.LMAO

Feel free to drop and would be a pleasure to add Men's Health Malaysia on facebook.
Or you can take a trip to their online page.

Basically, I have to do this so that I'll always stick to accomplish my goal. Let's get healthy buddies. Probably, getting hot too?! No, I'm not.



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