Sunday, December 19, 2010

Runway Dream

Yesterday, while wandering for some attire to be worn for this upcoming Christmas, I suddenly saw bunch of peoples gathering around like there's a show about to begin! And yes it is! As I came closer to that subject, voila, I struck by a T-shaped runway just right the front of Esprit store. Just the right time I came, the shows then took place. It's a collection of Espirit Summer Look for 2011 if I'm not mistaken. Guess where I stand? Front row for God sake! Hahahaha.

Everybody's have their child/ridiculous ambition that for me, I only can kept it in my fantasy cause it will never happens! Well, to be honest, if I stand a height of 5'7 onwards, I will put no hesitation on career that I choose which is doing the runway! A model to be precise! God, I think I like the job. Yeah, maybe not as easy as we all predict, but it would be great showcasing new attire, which is fashionable, well-made, and branded in front of the audiences. Ok, now I'm starting to fantasize. LMAO!

The show was so simple. Just two rounds, but credit to the dance performances, they nailed the stage with eclectic movements and made the crowds almost going crazy. If only it's in a club, I guess there's no more people standing like a puppet. Hahahaha. So, here's some of the scenes I managed to snap. Enjoy ;

 Esprit Summer Collection

Right after the show done, the emcee which is Ricca from KK division had given out 3 vouchers to shop at Esprit. Upon not-so-excited, I just ignore that slot which last night I found out one of the receiver was the lovely Miss Suicide Candy. Congrats girl! :)

Knowing that this nonsense dream of mine would never ever comes true, I think the guys and girls whose dream similar as me except if you got the height, look, desire and confidente, why don't you try this out! Would be a pleasure to see you there! Hoho.

GOOD LUCK beautiful peoples!

Full-Time Fantasizer xx


  1. ops..

    mr & ms suria sabah...


  2. i wish i can participate.kikiki.well participate juga ba.tukang tingukkk~