Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shifting Out

Out of the blue, I suddenly feeling sad. Just so you know, upon got the job of Net Facilitator early this year, on the fifth month of working, I decided to move out from my cousin's resident to rent a room somewhere at the town. This isn't easy cause I need to explain to them the strong reasons why I am out. Plus, I don't wanna hurt anybody's feeling. Thanks Lord, they understood me. Honestly, it's not related to any personal issues, but I just comfortable to live on my own, doing things I want to and be alone.

Actually, the most factor that made me moved out is, this place got the 3G/HSDPA connection for my Celcom broadband, and it's quite acceptable in any streaming. Even though often it pissed me off, but at least it do justice for me rather than wasting cash in a cybercafe. Talking about internet, my job required me to always confront the internet most of the time. So I guess I just cleared my purpose of moving.

It's the end of 2010 now, and I'm still here. Though there may several  things I can't really accept here; the fights among the married couple, the honks at early morning, the voices of peoples who come to shop, the "KARAOKE STARS" at a pub next block, again, the noises of the next room's television, I feel it's kinda normal thing happens in every neighborhood. Whether we capable to get used of it, or lift and move you butt outta that place.

Besides, the landlord is very kind and tolerate. He never complaining if I couldn't pay the rent right on time. He would gave more times. Few incidents occurred such as I accidentally locked my keys inside the room, the first and last person to call would be him. It happened two times, I admit my careless, but surprisingly, he's the one helped me out too hard. He doesn't care. Very responsible one, huh. And then, there's once my bulb blow out one night, the next day I told him and straight away he came and fixed it! See, even though the rent rate quite a burden, but it's worth living here. It's my personal thoughts never know how the other renter's feel.

It turns to I have to move out from this place so soon due to some 'shifting' purpose and right this moment, I emotionally feel sad cause I begin to feel this place as a place suit to me, like a home to me. Well, won't pay any tears for this but deep inside my heart, I gratefully wanna thanks the landlord for being so kind. Do really hope that I'll get more better place in the future.

p/s : not attaching any pic cause the room quite a disaster right now. ;p

Truly Thankful xx

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