Friday, December 31, 2010

Best I Ever Had

Initially, I damn lazy to write this entry. But reminiscing throughout the year 2010 makes me want to scar something here to welcome the year of 2011. I'm not sure to say this but 2010 made a really huge impact to my life. Unable to list down the items happened, I rather stamp 2010 a best year I ever had.

Starting with, a jobless got employed! It's like a threshold to a new phase of life to mine cause this is the first steady job came to me. Yes, it's skidded from what I took during at uni, but still, I need a job to pay my expanses. Unfortunately, today I officially became a jobless again. Reason : contract ended. *sigh*

I made myself joining a big singing competition in Sabah which known as KENTE stands for KadazanDusun Entertainment Next Top Entertainer and be one of the finalist 10. No regret, I knew alot of peoples, meet so many friends, experiencing the real scenario of singing competition(there's always hidden hand and or injustice in judgmental) and most of all, the ultimate fun I had harvest.

Toplist thing-to-dos including settling my driving license, to own a car, buy my dream cellphone, and buying a laptop had been accomplished! My life couldn't be better until I owned all this esp the car. Now only I can feel so free and I'm like a bird flying in scatter places. Regardless the fuel, the scratches, I even installed a car-security-protector in case people try to stole it. Arggghh! One plus burden since I have to pay monthly for that silly thing....erk.

Whatelse, oh ya did I ever mentioned about my crashed love story? Hurm... I better mute about it but factually, till this time, nobody can really have idea how my heart terribly wounded when I lost that person. To be honest, I just want to play around, be flirtatious, and getting know this person just for fun, but at the end karma punished me with a hard to say, dump! If only you read this, hope you will get anything you want form the person you are with now. :)

Despite all those emo thingy, I felt blessed to get close again to my family since there's some few issues which I don't feel suitable to reveal here. Previously, I never had time or I rather think so, to come dropping by to my mum's house. But now, my day wouldn't be complete if I'm not going there for at least having my lunch. Can't deny the cliche, mum's cook is the best!

I also start blogging after long time of wanting to do it. I even became a bookworm to strengthen my English since there so much space I need to improve and I still lack of anything. 

See, how's tiger year(which was mine) did and gave big things/improvement into my life. It's not the entire what's happened obviously, but at least I stored them in my head just in case they're useful for the upcoming task. yay!

2011 seems promising although I just in fact lost my job officially by today, but I true believe there's always be a greener side of the field. So I made some resolutions for the year 2011 but allow me to keep it to myself. Whatever things going on, hope that He'll be kind enough to give and cherish me with more success ahead. 2011, BRING IT ONN!!!! yeahhh!

Have a blissful and tantalizing sizzling 2011 peeps!

Lots of Lurve xoxo