Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well hello 2011, and the plus one year old peeps, how's your last night countdown bash? Some might still hangover, some might exchanging texts to the person they've met last night, or any of you heartless and not even a bit aware that we are now in the new year? If you intended to ask mine, I have a uber exciting and super blast partay last night! Upon the arrival, we're completely tight and everyone's obviously shy to move. Darn! But then the night goes on and on, the nastiness of us began to shown, nothing can beat these animals to roar at the dancestage! Oppss, did I mentioned DANCESTAGE? Hell yeah, there's a nice-built stage and we're rock on it!! yay!

I opened my eyes this morning with a super massive things on my head! And its undoubtedly all positives. New year new beginning, I doubt if fate would play nice to me this year! Ohhh I'm so gonna miss 2010! One thing for sure, I'm gonna kick-off and start to re-polish my soft skills on sketching and do as much as possible of shoes designs on my way to follow Jimmy Choo's big success. Fark! Just kidding!

Anyway, I already think and plan few things to put on my blog soon. Not so soon, this blog would be "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" to give away myself to revamp it! I'll stick to the concept which is PERSONAL but I would like to see it sophisticated, clean, and well-design. So, keep on update, I'll be glad if you dropping some comments.

Hugs xx

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