Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Funny Found

Ok, I just flipped my last year note book and guess what, I found this!

Hahaha! Those were my TO-BUY plus TO-DO lists with my first salary but I'm not so sure which were accomplished and which are not! Funny right, I never remember I did those lists! Probably I have nothing at all to do that time, so that's the result! Yay.

Frankly, we should do this often when we feel that we have to. Most of the times, it's tend to cross in our mind about jotting down our wishlist but most of us take it easy like it's not important. Perhaps we should change that perception now, coz I found this interesting to keep us motivated and keeping us to work hard!

Of these lists above, number 3 was out of the accomplishments! Bonia? Erk, maybe too cosy for me right now. I only can afford the Bata brand. :(  Well, actually number 9 was out too, but consider it accomplished coz at least I bought a car! Yay.

It's good to sometime ransacking your abandoned old stuffs like in my case, I'm tiding up and throwing what's not to use anymore then I found few things that I wanting to catch up again. One of them, check this ;

Never finish to read this since I bought it last two years. Hahaha. This time, will flip it till the end. Ok guys, regardless the piece of hair and the pretty bed sheet, you can see clearly the title, the author, the praise about the book, right? Then go google it! Let's read together.

Ransacker xx


  1. i never had any to-do list. i should start listing things from now on. hehe.


  2. in fact, i just started mine last year. it's never too late to start.hehe!

  3. oh, no 6 was listed in my to-do list but until now i failed to do so!!! haish~

  4. well, me myself just created an account last year.guess what, i never topup it.hahaha.but will do after this typical punya alasan kan. ;p