Monday, January 17, 2011

Crush Onto Twitter...

I just got back from a nice dinner of seafood at Gayang and kill me, I'm feeding myself like a pregnant lady these days! Full and satisfied. Me and two cousins have craving to eat here since few days before. To cut the bill, we'll ordered few dishes only. As usual, shrimps, Ham Choi soup, and Kangkung(if I'm not mistaken ;p) with  rice. Trust me, none of us behave with manners, in fact we gobbled that dishes like a monster. Pheww!

Upon finished the dine, we jumped into a small conversation while waiting for the bill. We came up with the topic of how English speaking is super essential nowadays. Not intended to underestimate them, but I'm far away ahead of them on English language. At least, I can speak, write and converse well using this language. All I can say, learning English is so fun, but really demanding our passion to keep learning and learning in order to master it. Well, thanks God, there are so many channels to get sources for lesson process, to mention, the net itself.

I did encouraged and convinced them to not giving up on learning English cause such ability will carry us to another part of the world, the places we never thought we may reach on. I also told them that the ability to well-conversed in English is like an indicator of our professionalism.

Ok, that's the rambles. I actually just want to give an announcement into this entry that now I AM OFFICIALLY ON TWITTER!Lalalala. So guys, do follow me. I really looking forward to exchange anything with you guys!

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