Friday, January 21, 2011

The Battle's On!

Hey, it's January and it's  AUDITIONS TIMEEEE!!! I've been an avid fonder of the reality shows since they've been introduced decade ago. From the American Idol to the Akademi Fantasia(Malaysia), to name a few, I could say, it's really my forte. Oh, just so you know(maybe some of you known it already), I'm dying to be a singer in fact I've tried, failed, rejected and kicked from several auditions, but there were succeed moments too. I'm obsessed to such things since I ended my secondary school and never giving up on trying and keep trying. But now, I'm kinda giving up to try all these due to some frustrating hopeless moments. You know the feeling when we're about to very sure that we gonna get through, then we didn't, not because we're not good but it's all about luck. Yes, talking about lucks, reminiscing the previous contestants on American Idol(international) & Akademi Fantasia(Malaysia) is enough to verify this statement.

Well, let's skip the sad stories, hey, are you ready to witness the "endless" talents of the year 2011?!! Of course neither of them hasn't hitting their stage yet, but to me, watching auditions is the most hilarious, exhilarating, and exciting coz we will see the expected and the unexpected "endless" talents showing their bestest with one hope, they got sufficient YESES/GREENLIGHT from the judges. Ok, it's clearly I am talking about just American Idol and Akademi Fantasia here, coz honestly these two really geared up my attention. Reasons? American Idol is like the MUST-NOT-MISS show in the entire world(which I ensure the winner's would be BIG BIG one later) and Akademi Fantasia would be the last one for this season.

So, which one you guys really up to?

Judges and the host : With two brand new, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.
(picture taken from American Idol Net)

 The auditions promo for Akademi Fantasia 9

Breathtaking huh? Seeing two new faces on the judge's chair of American Idol and rumors said, the AF9 Principal not anymore a local celebrity indeed, imported from Indonesia? Please let this happens! I'm dying to look forward a huge change to the AF's predictable gimmicks, and the "lacks"!

So, fellas(LOCAL MALAYSIAN + SINGAPOREAN), get your mic on, practice and go hit the auditions! All the best, sing with your own style, be confident, and shows the nation "something" with package from youu!

The Retired-Audition-Attender xx

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