Friday, January 28, 2011

En Route To Become A Journalist

Hey sweethearts! Miss me? Ah-ha. It's been hectic recently. I've been flying from KK and now I'm in KL, this upcoming Feb 8th, fly back to KK again, and on 26 Feb, I will officially move to KL for I guess, forever? Can't tell you that coz I myself have no plan yet.

On January 12, I've attended an interview for a job that sort of my "dream job". I swear I don't prepared well but thanks God, I managed to make it to the 2nd interview in KL. At first, as per I acknowledged, there will a complimentary tix to fly us for the 2nd interview but unfortunately it's just another rumor which is I finally made a big risky investment for the sake of grabbing the lifetime opportunity!

The day's came, Jan 24, 30 out 200 being interviewed nationwide candidates showed off and apparently, I'm the most nervous among them! Only God knows, how I'm almost giving up upon knowing their strong background on the media industry, it's stiff, I can tell! This may sound cliche, but the only thing I did that time was reciting my pray silently in heart. Task given was presentation by group and individually. Worst part is, we became the first to present and the good part was, at least we done first with the burdens!

Now, I can tell how happy I am, the verdict been so nice to me. I'll be moving to KL coz starting the March 1st, we will undergo a training in route to be a real journalist for the tabloid. Been touching onto this level, I will ensure that nothing will become a barrier for me to nail the 'trial' in fact, I wanna show them that they worth picking me in.

KL, here I come with a big dream. Watchout metro peoples!