Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Revolution For Malaysian?

I don't know about you, I means us Malaysians, but I never fond of any Malaysia's Film Director piece of artwork, except I had watched the late Yasmin Ahmad's as the last Malaysia's movie I ever seen at cinema. Well, thumbs up for that, not bad at all. Epic and came out with her own ways of story-telling. But I must admit, I've never seen something bombshell from the local directors and that only leads me to ignorance.

But not for this one, from the trailer itself, I wouldn't dare to put an extraordinary expectation though, thrilling enough to kick myself off to buy the tix even though I'm not really sure when it will be release. It was produced by the gigantic brothers of KRU, directed by Yusry Abd Halim whose a singer long time ago, and foremost, it's a WORLD-CLASS must-not-miss movie! My pride for KRU, why after I left the company, then only they produced this one?! Arggh. FYI, I used to be an intern for them 2 years ago. Hehe.

Let's make a cut-off here, the main cast in this movie was non other than the Malaysia's world class actor, Stephen Hughes, if anyone does not have the idea who he is, there the GOOGLE always been a help. Haha.
Ok guys, let's roll the trailer!

When I browsed to find out the release date, all I can found is "AKAN DATANG". So, I guess it must be a burst newbie and will be a talk throughout the entire nation or worldwide, if I'm not too much. heee. So watchout Malaysian's Film Hater, you may be blown by this one.

Peace For Our Local Industries xx

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