Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Been few days not making any entry, I wonder if I should go on with this blog anymore. It's been a while and I'm proud to say that there's so many thing I've learnt from the moment I indulge into the blog world. I  kinda a worth-wore blog seeker now, just to scoop useful infos, writing skills, even in order to determine what's the best concept I must use for my future blog project. Honestly, I'm started to think of a fashion blog anyway. Still on progress to collect some materials and guides. Heh.

Life ain't easy when I noted that the past comes around back again. Yeah, being jobless isn't worthy to proud of at all, the main concern is who gonna pay for the loans esp the car! I'm so gonna sink if I couldn't get a job asap! Don't ask, but I already sent my resume to few places, which potential to hire me with such experiences and field of study. Lord, hear my prays, grant me a job. A nice one! Huhu.

Arrogant-zero to speak, I received two calls from two different employers yesterday and today asking me if I could make it to their interview while I'm still frustrated with the not extended ex-job. The matter rose, both required me to based in KL and this does really put me in dilemma since I'm not yet ready to go back to Peninsular admittance I loved being here, my hometown now.

Well, haven't make any decision yet, cause it's just the fourth day of me became jobless, perhaps I should give myself some times and obviously, good rest to think wisely whether which path I should take without regretting it later. There's a call I've been waiting and I put a high end hope to that job to be mine, so there's no such thing to rush considering there still left on saving, fair enough to hold me for bit more periods. Wait, rest, calm and see what's will going on.

Wish me luck guys.

Trapped In Dilemma xx


  1. kalo offer d kL lg bgs,ba pa lg.. juz grab it.. heee.nway, wish u luck.Amen.

  2. out of nowhere, i felt i gonna just go for it, but stil like i haven't ready to leave the hometown cos' belu puas lg bah.huhu.see la how.thanx anyway, nvm i'll catch u there kalo sa jd dtg sana. :)