Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If I Die Young

Borrowing Band Perry's hit song title for this entry.

Few days before, the entire world was losing a very young passionate and potential legend-in-made, Marco Simoncelli at the age of 24. Shocking yet true, it's happened on a live show while the audiences cheer for their favourite one. For those doesn't have ideas who Simoncelli really is, I guess now you guys knew him.

I was in the office during this incident. Working as normal, I noticed there's a motor race (MotoGP) broadcasting live on tv. Since I'm not really into this racing thing, I didn't paying attention when someone (who following the race since beginning) shouting loud, mentionting that crashed happened! A bad one! So, all of us running through the screen to get the clear picture.

Unsatisfied, after having a tea break, I began to search if the scene already posted on YouTube. Well, it was there. What a fate, to tell, his girlfriend also there witnessing the moment. I watched it few times and can't imagined how he doing there. Minutes before, my timeline in Twitter flooded by the RIP wishes regarding him. And it touched my heart. Why? He just started to build a lap to become a legend, and his life's taken? I supposed God loves him more.

Life is short, so I guess we should put aside exception to have fun. We never knew when our time will comes. And we never knows, there must be uncountable amazing things out there. So, live life to the fullest.

Instead of inserting the crashed scene herewith this entry, I would like you to remember him as a charming handsome, passionate guy, with an amazing ambition of takeover the lap as a true champion.

23rd October 2011
May your beautiful soul rest in peace.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm Back For More

Damn. It's been a really long time not writing here. I suppose I cannot be forgiven for that. So sorry followers. Having two blogs definitely not an easy task to manage.

Where should I start, working lately had been my priority above all. I went through a very tough times dealing with pressure in and outside the workplace. Well, if only I can tell details about it, but I decided to just keep it as private. Better to not talk about it. :)

So many things happened since then, this including the process of shipment of my car from KK to KL. I thought it's gonna be that not very complicated but I'm wrong. Regardless the documents and the quite big amount of payment, I was pissed off by the unorganizable way the agent settling this thingy. She's troubled me alots. And because of her, I troubled some of my very close persons. Thanks God, they understood me.

Life's also being lame recently. Socially, I'm getting less friend to hang out. Most often, I'll spend my time reading, practising songs, and talking alone at home. I just don't have any ideas why it is so hard to get out in fact I got my car here. But, I should blame the roads. Jammed is everywhere and I cannot even avoid any of it.

My internet connection also been cut-off and this adding my boredomness into high level. As a results, it pressured me to the max. So I decided, on my next wage, I'll go settling the bill to get my connection again coz internet should probably can at least get me out from the 'darkness'.

Actually, I have a lot more to share and talk, but I should stop babbling and reserve it for the next entry. Well, everbody, I'm back on track! :)