Friday, January 14, 2011

Quantity Over Quality?

First and foremost, sorry for the long absence. I was contemplating of how I gonna 'transform' this novice blog to a useful, fancy, inspiring, and fulfilling reads. My goal is, I'll only post entry which I really think it's worth to share to. So the revamp hasn't started yet, too much to concern from the blog design to the contents itself, regardless the bad writing, allow me to off for a while.

A good blog doesn't a good blog until people came into and leave the page with a big smile plus new knowledge/inspiring tips. Basically, I'm talking about QUALITY here. Been this while, my goal is to write as many entry as I can. And that is so wrong! No wonder, visitors never leave comments. :(

There goes the story of the absence. Plus, I'm struggling now of getting new job, and the focus sort of being scattered and absolute leads to mood distraction! Huhu.

So, will see you guys then. Stay tune to any updates!

Pimp your life, daring to dream!

Off-a-while xx


  1. u have the quality bah. u provide the good info. i mean its good so what should i say? i have no idea to comment any but i read it :)

  2. hey man!!!thanx thanx for supporting this blog!u've been a great follower ooo...hehe, guess what?!i do follow other's too, but never leave comment coz' i feel i don't have any.kan! :)