Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Isn't Christmas

You know I've been telling those asking me how's my Christmas going, and I rather replied "so-so",just nice, sort of. In fact, it was. I attended some open houses, sipping alcoholic can drinks, shaking hands and greet the folks, without even noticing, am I truly fun doing all these flows?

Coughing and flu for almost several days never done anything to me instead of being an excuse of avoiding any harmful drinks nor foods. Indeed, now it's getting worst throughout few days away of New Year. Talking about new year, I'm so gonna looking forward to this date cause I got a plan and I'll be screwed up if this isn't happens! A very friend of mine Cynta(guess I mentioned her alot) alerted me to this kinda bash New Year Party that will be held at IceBar, 1Borneo Hypermall, KK, Sabah and few well-known lineups will be there joining and entertaining the party peeps.

Here party mates, dig this in, and start gather your close party companions to obtain the VIP passes with 2 bottles of liquor! Guess this ain't be enough, but at least you can get high to get along the whole night shows!
Lazy to explain, this is it ;

You're so not gonna miss this one! Oppss, talking to the peoples available in KK on this date. Yay!

Woopss again! Ain't I supposed to talk about Christmas? Screw me!

Ok, I knew this song, Christmas Isn't Christmas when I joined the caroling long time ago. The first few lines sound, " Christmas, isn't Christmas, till it happen, in your heart...... " made me think again, isn't any big moment like this supposed to be felt by our heart? Everything's would be fine and fun whenever our heart declares so. So, what wrong with the love-shaped organ inside my body?

I felt guilty to anyone I'd met during Christmas if my appearance turned invisible during the occasions. There's really chaotic thingy messed up in my head nor my heart at this very moment. I will figure solutions to it, then capture the spirit again.

Merry Christmas,

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