Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Where Are You?

Too lame to write, I merely feel lonely to the top-notch noticing that I'm carrying the title 'single' and no point to stare to my cellphone for someone's text to inbox in. I have one before, but it crashed after it's only stand for 4 months. Sadistic but no pain, no gain. Always stick to the principle of 'no matter how hard you like the person, if that's not the ONE, don't ever beg to stay'. Now, enjoy this one :

Don't highlight the singer, I'm not really into JB, but let the song speaks itself.

So, don't make me wait baby, I'll promise I'll love you more than ever. :)



  1. peewiit!! rilek jojie.. trust me u r handsome guy.. someone out there watching u, and she still shy-shy cat mah.. haha

  2. well if only it's true.(muka penuh pngharapan) hahaha.