Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dolce Far Niente

Hello. Come stai? Been few days of no entry, today I felt like to blog with an ocean of gratefulness. It's for God, thanks I still breathing.

I just passed over watching Eat Pray Love few minutes ago. Called me outdated, but I hold hard to my promise that I'm going to do things that I'm dying to want to do. I've been dying to watch this movie upon it was released not so long time ago. Sadly, it turned that I've missed it.

Being fascinating by the story within the 3 places featured, friends that really a 'friend', helping just when we needs them, and every word on the scripts, it's just remarkable. These three strong points should I credited to this Ryan Murphy's piece for made my time watching em' is so worthy!

Well, part of myself now really uber excited to learn Italian language now. What so scary me, I'm not that passionate one when it comes to new language. LMAO. But, just trying, it could be useful someday. Sounds like a plan! Yay.

I bought the dvd from a store that I've been visiting everytime I want to get the RM10 for 3. Consider me a pirate but the quality of the visual, the subtitle, you're not gonna regret it. I wish I'm a rich guy so I can buy the original one but hey, good things not only come from the expensive one. :)

I'm gonna run two other dvds so soon, and till then, end of entry.

Dolce Far Niente xx


  1. Buku dia jauh lagi best dr tu movie tu... hehehe but good for imagination lah if you watch a movie that is based on a book. then ur imagination of that story when you read it will be easier to picture.. :-D

  2. eya everbody said so.dei.ada suda sa bli the book that day tp ada sumthn yg funny happened.so, buku bertukar tgn.blum bli yg baru... huhu

  3. saya belum tinguk lagi ne movie oh.padahal lama suda ne out kan.hahaha

  4. chriz : eya...lama suda.by that time sa mao p tgk d cinema kunun, suda teda ni muvee...hoho.tp at last, i got the dvd.kikiki