Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snowless Christmas

Its few days away from Christmas. In fact, just one day left. I may not the super busiest as the others do, but I'm thrill to celebrate it this year. Not really excited since being adult, everything's seems not fun anymore if our head loaded by too many things.

Last two days, while reading Haruki Murakami's book, I heard a very nice carollers outside my rentplace. Never heard such since the last I joined the caroling decade ago. I used to be a caroller long time ago, never miss any of the practices, forced my friends to get in it to accompany me, and I enjoyed every songs I sang. Woaaah. How I miss that moments.

Just so you know, I missed few Christmases back when I'm still in uni. And factually, not only missing the occasions, but most of my precious time of spending time with the family was vanished just like that. To tell the reasons, new sem registration never been late than the date of 25th. Huh!

This may sounds cliche, but I shopped for two shirts and a bottom for this Christmas. I just don't wanna miss again the fun.

I hope that next year, my Christmas would be somewhere snowy, you know, Europe maybe. God willing. For those celebrated, have a blast Xmas. Enjoy every beat of the fun, forget you sorrows.


Lamb of God xx


  1. Oh Holy Night is tonight.. i like this video. Merry Xmas 2010 joji..

  2. thank u so much daise. my all time favourite xmas song.yay