Monday, December 6, 2010

Gadgets!!! Curse My Appetite!

While writing this entry, I'm still making comparison on what I saw and heard yesterday, and what I just witnessed few hours ago. Similarity is, both are choir! But, I'm not sure if I mistaken the real choir concept all this while or not, cause of my knowledge, choir is a group of peoples doing rendition of songs, with the division of voices. Whereupon, today, on the event of World Class Choir performances at UMS Chancellor Hall, I was watching a non-categorical show which the choir doing some sorts of chanting, jumping, hissing, alike theater, and it's merely confusing me of choir concept. On the other side, yesterday, I was captivated by the extraordinary caroling I ever heard while wandering in 1 Borneo. Their voices similar to angelic voices of the carolers I often heard only on movies, tv or outside aka West programs. It's calm, clean yet sounds angelic like you never want to leave and hear more and more from them. Of the two of this 'rivals', the carolers won my heart and I decided to put some shots of them here ;

Enough of the choir things!

I'm thrilled to have things I always wanted and only when the right time(with enough bucks), I could buy them. That's not the point cause it's sound too show-off but the long await I managed to complete was very challenging when I have to be patient, calculate wisely on my financial, to make sure that I won't regret the bills I pay, I'm sure alot of peoples out there surely can't stand such await. I always remind myself that I'm no a minister's son, not even a money maker that can easily buy the things they dying to own. Basically, appetite makes someone may spend money uncontrolled without minding their essential needs. Well, it's just the piece of advice.

Pluck and strums. That's the new resolution I need to accomplish now. So, I bought a not-so-cheap acoustic guitar for that reason. Meet my Skylark!!! : still on top of my favourite

As an additional, I bought a new shoes too. Dying for so long, I decided to get a Supra so I can wear it during my performance one day! LOL.

dunno, but i just love this silver

I hope that I will put my 150% on my new lesson so that I will not far away from reaching for my dream. Wish me luck, and hope that I can post my first virtual singing very soon.

Bruno Mars Wannabe


  1. World Class Choir event in USM? when? is it still ongoing??? i miss USM, i wanna go back!!!!

  2. flora dear! it's not USM ba, UMS

  3. haha adoi mata ni rabun btol suda...

  4. hahaha...ingt sa typing error smlm.hiks!

  5. Saya pun. Tahun depan. Mo paling terer di dunia main gitar. wakaka

  6. claire : aik! bukan ko cun suda kaitu men gitarrr? year ar kita buat virtual singing d utube.hiks