Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday's Rambles

Well, at this very moment, I wish I was sitting at Jesselton Point or watching movie at GSC, Suria Mall, or examine the new band at Firefly or anything that compatible for the weekend's night. But obviously, I can only visualize all that thing on my own since the fact that I am trapped in my room, here in hometown. Blame it to the moolah! My pay isn't in yet, so I have to super-minimize the usage of money while waiting for the next batch of my salary.

Regardless the surrounding noises that I still need to get used, I found few trusted articles on facial skin care. Not surprising, I made the ease searching tool and directly browsing in eHow. Facials can make you look and feel like a million bucks. Let's face it, though. Not everyone has the luxury of going out to a spa for a fabulous spa facial. Me too, for sure. All this while, I would like to visit Guardian drugstore and purchase thing that I think the best I can get. But I never really examine the right and proper steps on how to get a great facial skin. I'm trying to not sound feminine here cause it is not. People aren't skeptical nowadays. Facial is not directed to women only, but man do care on their looks too, esp skin. This I would called grooming and it's suit!

I've been trying several products since then not to exclude L'Oreal,  Oxy, Garnier, Himalaya and currently I'm using most on Neutrogena products as recommended by one of a health and beauty guru in Youtube. Still, maybe it just need time, I hasn't meet a miracle yet. It's just the same and nothing changing on my facial skin. But one thing I have to admit, it's feeling good using their product. So, I decided to stick on this product for another more period. I hope I made it right this time.

So guys, simple as this, identify your skin type, buy the right cleanser, tryout non-alcohol toner follow by patting moisturizer on your face. That would be a good starter and you may google any info that you keen to know. Let's groom bros! *giggle*

Or not to mention, drink plenty water!

The Mr. Healthy-Always xx


  1. thumbs up for guys who take care of their appearance!

  2. hehe.even brad pitt does!beckham some more.haha.thanx babe!