Friday, November 19, 2010

Crossroad Crossroad

Recently, sleep isn't so manageable as always. Couldn't count for how many wakes I had made once I get to sleep. Causes ; too much to think. The major one, the near-end contract of my job! If now is at the past 6 months ago, I can beat that I'm still browsing the net and replying the comments on Facebook without any worry! Let's face the reality, times aren't pausing. Its even rushing!

People says, and on what I've been experienced previously, instinct always right. In this dilemma, my instinct early told that our contract will be extended. Well, how I can so sure cause till this moment, the upper management haven't release the verdict yet. I would be bliss if they can give us the GOOD news in the verge of November and December. (or, just the BAD one) This would such a justice for us, to make us able to find another job so soon. *sigh*

I'm so gotta make a way ahead to go and pray to Him, cause no matter what, prays count. I believe so, in addition of just the efforts itself.

In fact, if it happens that I need to find a new job, I hope it worth to accept the post, and pay a guarantee to my future onwards! AMEN

the man on the verge :(

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