Monday, November 1, 2010

November Boy

To be frank, I'm not that super-excited of my becoming birthday anniversary. Hands off, but I think that a birthday party doesn't means anything rather than it's just a one-day celebration. A birthday is more a reminder for us that we're getting older, the numbers getting big, and what we had been achieving since then? Every day we pray, every year we wish, which I'm sure for better things to knock on us.

So, here are my birthday wishlist for this year ;
1. A party in Firefly or Whiteroom ;

2. Blackberry Bold 9700 ;

3. A Starbucks mug ;

4. Apple Mac Pro ;

5. MAS flight tix(I choose the destination) ;
6. Sponsored tooth-whitening in recognized dental ;
7. Tissot watch ;

Yeah, a man with no shame asking for this, and it's totally crap! LMAO. I'm just being imaginary here. This is just being so material-based!

But my real wish would sound like this ; dear God, please reserve me the best job ever with good pay, so that I can realize my plan to obtain my Master and PHD. And to my safety, give me an excellent health, very protective company, and very loving family(if only I can write a note to Him).

So, if any of you guys out there happen to go thru this wishlist, by all means, I'm waiting for your surprises. LMAO!!!

I turns 24 this November 12, and at least I expecting a Secret Recipe cake. LOL

xx from the November Boy aka

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