Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bad Morning

Last night, I went to bed at almost 1am. I'm reading before that and didn't realized it's getting late. For sure, I'll be late if I stay a little bit longer. Wake up is the hardest thing for me especially when it goes to a beautiful sleep.
So the story went like this. I forgot that I'm charging my mobile and had turned it off. My biological alarm gave me more time to sleep and only awaken me at 7.45 which inevitably already, LATE!!! Argghhh...
I did my usual pickups on the toiletries, my spectacle, and my towel and went out. I locked the door, and by the time I closed it, then there comes a struck in my head! Damnnn! I forgot to grab my room key and the only thing I can do was cursing and cursing again. Knowing that it won't helps, I took a deep breath and went to knock the next room renter. Thanks God, she's still there. I asked her to call my landlord and tell about it.
To cut the story, I'm lucky to wait only few hours when I got the spare key only at 11.45am. My conditions? Starving, sleepy, guilty(I can't even inform anyone at school about my absence today coz the phone was inside), and finally, more relieved! Actually, I've done this once long time ago. So, I made a little decision that I have to do something in case this carelessness happens again in the future. I put that spare key into a more accessible place.
What a bad day for a careless human.

Gotta hit the bed now. Talk to you soon...


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