Monday, November 15, 2010

When The Cash Runs Out

By guessing the title given, you may already got the idea that I am so broke now. Just now, I went to banked in another cash to my landlord for the monthly rent payment. Living alone, I means renting, may be good at some point but could be trouble you in another way. First, I always forgot that I'm renting a room. So, whenever I get my salary, I never thought about the rent payment on top of my must-pay-list every month.

Times passed by, and I'm still zero whenever it comes to saving! You know the feeling when we're holding some cash, the more we got, the more it will be spend. I won't say that I'm a shopaholic but that's the fact. I had few times planning to save at least 500bucks in bank and ended with nothing. I should be back to the old days when no few things to own, and to pay as well.

In that case, I made some approaches to apply as the solution isn't popup that easy if I still figure nothing. So here is the list ;

1. Pretend that we already have nothing left in our account.
2. When you think about goods, take times to analyze whether it's important/ do we really need it? If it is not, then forgot it!
3. Limit your moves or attending any invitations that will cost you. If it does not require you to take out some cash, consider it as the way to socialize more.
4. Distract yourself from any shopping thoughts by reading, surfing the internet, or exercising.
5. Minimize your spends based on what's left in your wallet. Only do withdrawal when it comes to zero or insufficient.

I may miss some of the points but that's the least I can advised based on what I am doing whenever I broke. Remember that saving is essential coz we never know what the future can do to us. For better or worst, the best we can do is ready.

Let's saving peeps!

The Fragiler-Saver,

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