Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Who Overrating Thing/s

Due to boredom last week, entertainment goods such movies, gossips, videos, mp3s were being nice to me, letting my fingers explored every inch of newbie on hot market now. So it happened that I'm supposed to download some videos from Youtube using the Keepvid, but it took forever that I cannot wait. Then, when I'm just about to leave the Keepvid page, I've noticed the unnoticed stuffs before this which are the movie trailers. Surprisingly, when I clicked to that link, voila! Hall of fame of the upcoming movies till the early next year! To my preference, I scrolled down to any movies which will be on cinema on my birthday. Then I thrilled by the film(the poster looks so inviting) entitled Skyline and pushed to watch the trailer. Upon finishing the trailer, I'm like, that's it', that's the one, I should go and dig that movie! Well, releasing the same date with Skyline was the movie "Unstoppable". Poor me, the trailer had been prohibited to watch! Dammit!

On the Friday Nov 12, my bestie and I then went to watch the Skyline. At the very beginning, it's starting well. But when the transition of scene went on and on, the plot getting rubbish, no precise motive, and actions were helpless, I can only mouth the bad words. Obviously, the piece wasn't done well, the questions remain unanswered, the storytelling almost failed! Arghhh why on earth such film was made! In fact, my bestie even fall on nappy at the middle of the movie. LMAO.

As a redemption, after me and my bestie catchup and having dinner with another friend of us, we made an on the spot decision to go and watch "Unstoppable" to ease the 'wound' on the previous watch. There's no word to describe it anyway, it's worth! Homage to the director for giving justice on that based-on-true-event movie!
Trust me, your nerves will feel every emotions shown in the scenes.

And for now, I'm dying to watch the ending piece of the greatest Harry Potter : Harry Potter The Deathly Hollows Part 1. And also this one, The Next Three Days. Can't wait to drop by KK. Will determine which GSC I should go.

So here are the trailers ; CLICK on the images to watch!

Let's lining up now! Grab a tix... Don't forget your popcorn! Happy watching aite!
See ya around~

Movie Lover xx

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