Monday, November 8, 2010

Shout Awards 2010

Recaps on 2009 Shout Awards, not really meeting my expectation. For the first time, Jac beats Dato' Siti in Power Vocal Category. Awesome! And our Sabahan's pop princess, Stacy made her triumph grasping the Popstar Award. I was there that time, witnessing the first ever indie award and one thing obvious, it's gathering up more youths audiences than adults. Well, nothing wrong with that. One thing distinct this award to the early founded award in Malaysia, the concept was more stage-friendly and not that you trap on your sit and just watch till the end of the program and that's it!

Regardless to the conventional and spectacular for some of the local artistes performances, Sean Kingston wrapped up the night with an unforgettable most-screamed performance of his two hits not excluding Fire Burning. Thumbs up to 8tv for succeed on bringing in at least a well-known top international artist. I'm wondering which international star would hit the stage this year and I'm expecting chicks at least. *giggle*

So guys, here the link to vote for this year's nominees ;

I may won't complaint on those categories which I found odd, but I'm disappointed and wondering why there's not even a Sabahan chick in the Hot Chick Category??...erk!

Well, I made my votes! They whose melted my heart were Bunkface, FT, Daphne Iking, Zee Avi, Mizz Nina, Henry Golding, Nur Fazura(my only hope in Hot Chick Category), Blogger Boy, Yuna and Jaclyn Victor.

Guys, what your waiting for? Click it NOW!!!!

The hardcore fan of Nur Fazura,

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