Monday, November 22, 2010

And The Awards Goes To...

Well, screwed me! I miss to watch the Shout Awards 2010 due to some 'channel' battle on the only one TV at my cousin's house. And the winner goes to.....the football freaks! Haha..Hey, I'm watching soccer too, but not as fan as the others ok. But thanks again to the technology, I managed to encrypt the results of the night. So ladies and gentleman, here are the results..........*drum rolling*   :

  1. Rockstar Award! – Bunkface
  2. Favourite TV Personality Award! – Zizan Raja Lawak
  3. Breakthrough Feature Award! – Lagenda Budak Setan
  4. PopStar Award! – Yuna
  5. Power Vocal Award – Faizal Tahir
  6. Fresh TV Series! – Nur Kasih
  7. Favourite TV Program! – Showdown 2010
  8. Music Video Award! – Bunkface
  9. Flava Award! – Mizz Nina
  10. Hot Guy Award! – Henry Golding
  11. Hot Chick Award! – Scha Al Yahya
  12. Coolest Radio Annoucer Award! – Phat Babes Fly FM
  13. Favourite Radio Show Award! – Hot FM AM Krew
  14. Best On-Screen Chemistry Award! – Papadom (Afdlin Shauki dan Liyana Jasmay)
  15. Mobile Artiste of The Year Award! – Sixth Sense
  16. Break Out Award! – Yunalis Zarai
  17. The Ultimate Shout! Award! – Yunalis Zarai

No argument, no pulling hair k! The results are official and it's your votes counted!

I heard and I had read that the performances were awesome that night(I wish 8tv would repeat it), especially from the hawty Mizz Nina. Anyway, big congratulations to the winners. Dear Yuna, you made it girl! Main award became yours, omaigod! Jgn sombong-sombong pla pasni.

Oh ya, there's a friend of mine asking what Shout Awards really is. So, based on what I acknowledged, this is the first URBAN award show, hosted by 8TV to honour the entertainments people and media in the industry. Hey, get this, the award isn't that typical one like the early founded award ok. Waaa, so freak fan I am. Hiks.

Ok then, more to come...

me again xx

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