Monday, November 29, 2010


Everything happens lately still unease the feeling of stumbling down inside me. The 'news' really put me in a sorrow. I may sound fragile and not motivational, but I have lots of stuffs to concern when I knew I lost my source of income.

Workhood isn't really get us into a guaranteed living. In fact, most of the tenses that we carry actually come from our workplace + the assignments. I believe so cause I had experiences on this. The good times always when we're at home.

Well, too many things happened recently, lots of events I've attended, and lots of hangouts I made. To kept myself busy and not fall into thinking about my tough situation right now, I need to get out and do something to reach off that mess!

Currently, I'm not so in mood of blogging, but just so you know, when the time healed me, I'll update you some of the fun times I had undergo recently.

Sorry for the terrible writing and grammar error. Still too bad in English and still improving.

Till then...

Super-moody xx

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