Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Class Without Ticket? AWESOMENESS!

Last weekend was my supertiring one I ever had. Been on duty for 3 days at our booth during the ICT Exhibition was off the ground! I can say, we're factually doing nothing and we're each other killed by boredom. Sometimes we were wandering around just to kill the time to 5pm. But, I'm satisfied, at least before the end of our services to the company, we're contributing some helps.

Well, that's not about it! Due to the tiredness, I almost rejected Daisy's offer to go and watch a jazz performance at Recital Hall of UMS. I think it would be a real miss if I haven't accept the invitation. For sure, earlier,I never imagine that the show would be a bombshell jazz I ever seen. Seriously, in my mind, the performers are the UMS Jazz Band itself. I was wrong! Let me introduce you, the Johnny Rodgers Band!!!

When I was on my sit at second row, I hardly convinced myself that I'm still in Sabah cause that very  moment, I really felt that I'm  watching a first class show in New York. Me and Daisy was whispered at each other that it's like we were listening to a radio. Every renditions was lively sung by the vocalist! He never out of words, and when he's not singing, he entertained us! Well, not to mention, there's nothing wrong with the instrumentalists too. They're too far away from the earth! Perfect and sounds great! OMG, I really uber excited this time.

My very favourite songs of the night definitely the well-known What A Wonderful World and Ain't No Sunshine. They really fancied us with their own arrangements! Every end of the piece, we're never claps not more than 30 seconds! What an honour! One thing, they gave us surprise we won't forget ever! With the short time they had, they managed to blown us by playing the Sabah's famous anthem Sayang Kinabalu in their own way. Regardless the additional musician Roger Wang, Andrew Poninting, and the singer, it's like the song was a hit piece the moment they playing it.

 the awesome peeps on action

Much thanks to Daisy on the precious invitation. Well I gotta promote her here, you guys can visit and follow her blog at this link POLKA DOT. She's got an event for youuu....heeee

Again, after the show, another Saturday wine sips at Fresco aka Luna Rossa with Daisy and relatives. We wrapped up the night by getting some meal at Jesselton Point. Well, the night actually still young, but, nothing can beat the sleepiness in us. And tiredness too...HOMEEEE!!!


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