Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Youths Wisdom and War

Last two weeks ago, a bestie called me and she needed a favor. I gotta say, this kinda a wake up call for me since last time I did production/event stuffs was in last year, I guess. I really2 thankful and super duper excited coz at last, I could do this again! And the additional good news was, it's a request from my very best friend, Daisy(we met since our 1st year in uni and still close till now).

This event was organised by The Alamesra Youth-PREP Centre, a non-profit organization and focusing on youth. It's their first-ever Youth Art Festival 2010 which is themed ‘Voice Out!’ is a charity event to raise funds for the Youth-PREP Centre Alamesra. Apart from raising funds, this event is also aimed at raising awareness towards the burgeoning social problems that are seriously affecting youths these days such as youth migration, abortions, drug abuse, gangsterism, school drop-outs, and many more.

See, the message is so clear there. It's a very2 good event to create and implement awareness among the youths nowadays. I'm a youth too, and I honestly kinda disappointed with many youths this era, which obviously getting wild, mean and rude. There's so many examples to list on, abortion, robbing, killing, raping, can't list anymore! It's huge and totally out of mind.

Then, I was assigned to gather performers for the stage during that event. Thanks God, there's a few willing to do it since it was a voluntarily performance. In fact, I'll be contributing one song on that day as Daisy insisted me to do so. I'm nervous now!!! So, YOUTHS, let's support this event, come and join us, together us celebrating the art of being youth, coz we're dynamic, priceless, unexpectable, and we're the future!

Apart from the exhibition itself, you will be entertain by several famous figures including Velvet AF4, The Ariez, Joanna Quintin & Bitter Serenade, Asif Pichori & Rene Barrow, JADE Sisters, Alvin MY and Frontman Co.

So, pin this on your notice board :

Saturday, November 13 at 10:00am - November 14 at 6:00pm
Centre Atrium, Ground Floor, 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu

Let's start to VOICE OUT, youths!

Fingers crossed!

The Youth xx


  1. joan : hurm!i'll stand by you Finn Glee kali...ngam kaitu?tgi sa suka.LOL!