Tuesday, May 4, 2010

dwelling life like the bugs

In some place, I don’t know where the hell is the bugs came from, not even committing to quest which type are they. All I know is, when the rain seasons takeover, they takeover part of human space in house too. Some people may already used to that uninvited “guests”, in fact I found them too irritating! That’s the reason; I did observed what makes them not keep coming back to the house. Although I got the solution long time ago, sometimes I’m just careless and completely blank again how to make them disappear! The bugs or insects or whatever, are attracted to wherever light source. So, instead of foaming them with non-economical aerosol, just keep in mind, turn off the light!

But, in contrast of that, I actually adore how they passionately searching for the lights! It remind me, that people in this world should dwelling this kind of live too. Where fail won’t never be the excuse of giving up! LIGHTS is similar to SUCCESS! People switch off to seek dark and people run for it to seek brightness. Phase of life never be that easy, we will meet betrayer, bankruptcy, death, backstabber, faker, and more to mention negative things that may break our principal of keep going. And that’s the time, we need to find solution of that! Again, the SOLUTION is like a LIGHT for us.

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