Wednesday, May 5, 2010

and there comes the "MAY" fever!

Those my peoples in Sabah may not a real Sabahan if they knew nothing about the “May” fever I am going to narrate! Well, for those who already heated by this upcoming big day of Kadazan Dusun, bring it on gaman om sumandak! For those who still stuck with their job somewhere out of Sabah, palan-palan kamu sana. It’s not that soon for the off-day to come! Hopefully, your bosses entitled you the “enough” off-work-daylah! Lalalala.

This should sound overreact, but I really really really(did I just said triple “really”? ;p) excited to able to be there, here where the roots of Hominodun spirit is, to celebrate Kaamatan again after I missed it during 2008 and 2009! For sure, nobody wants to be alone on this occasion or even celebrate it at the place you are not belong with. In fact, last year, I did not celebrate it at all. Only God knows how was the feeling... T.T. But at least in 2008, I did celebrated it by dropping at Flamingo Hotel Ampang, KL and it really feels like home to see the Sabahans and some Sarawakians together gathered to joy the festive!

Too much plans loaded my brain memory right now! Two main things not to be miss, Sugandoi and Unduk Ngadau, either district nor state level! Pulun it all! Wakaka! Tambunan’s Kaamatan will be on 15th of May and I found it interesting this year because I proud to mention that the sumandak-sumandak whose joined the Unduk Ngadau, frankly said, alawa om olundus nokopio! Not to mention, I should “spy” on this year’s Sugandoi contestants, to get picture how it would be, outstanding or just so-so(I’m planning to compete in next year, hehe).

So, for those who don’t have any idea what is Kaamatan, briefly explained, it is to celebrate the end of paddy-harvest season, and to pay honour to the Hominodun who were the legend of the roots of Kadazan Dusun, the main ethnic in Sabah. So, there’s no time to waste, let me yell this with huge enthusiasm, loud and echoed, ARAMAIIII TIIII!!!!!

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