Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I shouldn’t talk like an expert on this, but for me, exhaustion is something ur body externally and internally can’t cope anymore. It’s become dysfunctional due to lack of sleep, headache, no time to chill, and ur brain is blurred! Well, I recall on what I am doing right now. Some may say, I give up too early, but frankly, I still wanna be a performer and sing together with the band. It’s just, I’m getting tired and tried day by day plus, like I have no time for me myself anymore.

I miss the previous life, when I’m free to go anywhere, attend events, chilling with friends, watching movies and even visiting places I would like to go. Now, it’s so hard to be that way anymore. I’m trapped!

Let me reveal my plan, soon I’ll be quitting this thing. I don’t have to force myself to do something that inhibit me from else I wanted to do. Pleasure ain’t be something from out, but from it comes from you, yourself.

So, hey SUPER-TIRED + INHIBITOR, I’ll officially eliminate you! Adiosssa!