Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Never Look Behind

You may already get the idea, but hey, I’m here again. With all the tiredness I’d been through recently, now only I feel at home again.

How to say, I really glad I made a very just decision by left that ‘secondary job’. I won’t ever regret it as that is the best way to give justice to myself. I’ve been working hard without concerning on my health itself. Lack of sleep, sleep at dawn, drunk every night, wake up at noon, hey please, who will bear to live such lifestyle.

I admit it, it’s too sad to let that ‘dream’ go, but I believe, there’s always a green field at the other side. Being passionate in music, it’s universal! Doesn’t mean I have to be a club singer, but thanks to those peeps for the opportunity! I won’t ever waste the experiences you gave to me on that stage. Hurm....

See, I’d told a person, when you want and feel u have to do something, you must go on and do it. Yes, there may some stuff you will lose, but trust your instinct, you may gain better thingy after that. That’s me, no matter how I feel many things gone, I won’t beg to look behind again.

So, trust your instinct peeps. Give justice to yourself!

p/s : I quit my job as a club singer few days ago.


  1. You can always do a singing video virtually u knw... ;-) then you'll have your own virtual fan all over the world. hehe

  2. why not try posting videos of you singing in youtube? or maybe just in your blog? I heard you sang back in uni and I know how good you are, so I am pretty sure you'll get fans this way too :) btw, which club did you worked before?


  3. *thrilled!!!*

    clare : erk...actually i've benn thinking about this so many's just that, maybe i should/need to learn playing any instrument first.haishhh

    flora : hey, waaa. the p/s was so MEANS ALOT! well, as a matter of fact, music always been on top of my heart...thanx anyway!(miss USM pla tba2) ;p
    Just a tiny unwell-known club in Keningau, Sabah. It's named Hitz Borneo 2