Friday, February 18, 2011

Call Me ABC From Now On

ABC?! Behold, till the end of this writing. Just gaining back my conscious from a total body and soul speechlessness after watching BURLESQUE. I've been eyeing, waiting, sticking myself to update by update of this film since I saw the poster of it last year. Finally, it happening today. And I'm glad, really glad!

Rumors said Christina Aguilera acts in this piece a bit amateur and not that strong. Well, I must say this, screw your words, she's indeed killed it as a main role without any lacks regardless her real 'designation' in the entertainment biz industry which is a vocal-singer. Playing Ali, she's none other than a normal farm girl chasing for a big dream as she believe she can do it.

The story, must admit it, you may seen such plot and story-telling treatments, but hey, repeatoire happens often even in the real life except it happens in many ways. I found the scripts really whimsical yet enthralling like the words often said in daily conversation. There isn't even a minute I try to rub my eyes the entire movie since this totally an execution of a high-class musical, vocally, verbally, dancing and moves, expression, till there's a moment I really want to stand up and pay a standing ovation, yell to rejoice, and shake myself to every of the songs! But, I laughed hardly.....Can't work on that one! Hahaha.

The casts, Cher was a bomb veteran hardcore great actress, Cam Gigandet is a total heartthrob(my girl cousin said), Eric Bane carried the jerk role almost real, Kristen Bell is apparently not as mean as the real hater, and so on, this movie was made by you.

Truly inspiring, exhilarating, moving, enrapturing, magnetizing what else. Praise to the director and crews as well! Plus, the song choices, it must be a hardest task ever in the production coz it sounds like million carat diamonds. Credit to that! Hardly almost can't breath the moment my ears caught the song 'Animal' by Neon Trees and it's like "it's my song, it's my song!". Freak!

My advice, for the non-musical lover at heart, please don't watch this one. Your tacky later comments will only lead to ruin. And to the bigot, time to book your first class seat and enjoy the BURLESQUE's magical stage goddess!

so sorry, been looking for the Show Me How You Burlesque movie clip but heck, can't find it. so enjoy this one!

So guys, lemme show you how to Burlesque!!! Oppss, wait! Not until you call me Ali Burlesque Cat! Which, ABC!

ABC ;p  xx


  1. fan, feeling like wanna re-watch it.or maybe downloading it?yay