Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cinema Mania on February

Just so you know, it's quite a stretch since the last time I went to cinema. And believe it or not, gosh, I watched "Khurafat"! Dang! Well, it's kinda an accidentally watch coz me and two cousins just got back from the church. The night before, one of the cousin watching and digging non-stop on that movie's trailer and occay, I get it! She really have must to not miss that film! Psstt, she is a truly fan of local products(movies, series, musics...)! Hahaha.

But then, hello February! Oh, this is what I really love about 2011's February. It's a month of movie, movie, and movie. MOVIESSS! I could say I will be hitting the cinema not fewer than 5 times. Haha, regardless the money crisis, should I miss these movies Burlesque, Black Swan, No String Attached, The Mechanic, 127 Hours, to list more? HELL NO!!! I want to watch em' all! yay!

To mention again, i won't put any extraordinary expectation on these lists. I hope every each is worth to be watch. I may put entries of reviews then later. So, mind you, keep stay tune. Hiks

Movie Freak of All Time xx