Monday, February 14, 2011

The Date Is Approaching

Believe it or not, times ticking fast. The date Feb 26 would be a new step stone to a world of indescribable. A world of secret-sweet-suffer of workinghood. For time being, I'm still ongoing to convince myself that I had made it through to this level. Awesome, proud!

Not intended to sound cocky here, but the longing await finally paid off. Even though there's no black and white to official the designation yet, but I should start to bear in mind now that I promise myself to perform well, think out of the box, and stay extraordinary to whatever circumstances approaching. The job's finally mine. I pray so. I hope so. Why there's 50-50? We(the toplister 25) should undergo a 3 months training at first. It's kinda a curfew for us to prove to the company that it it worth for them taking us in.

Still unclear? Not so soon, I'll be working as a journalist. It's kinda a huge challenge for me coz I'm going to write for a national tabloid. I like writing just I don't really sure which level my capability can shoot. But everything has it's starting lap, right? So, there's no excuses to learn from the bottom instead of topping at first but in the end, crashed down, useless.

Gotta pack my stuffs aka goods not so soon and leaving Sabah not for forever but just for a while. Chasing something I dreamt since back long time ago. Hoping to give my bestest and for sure, achieve 'something'!

TipTop Dreamer xx